Thursday, November 17, 2011

34 years young

Today was Rich's 34th birthday. Which brings me so much joy because for the next few months, we are the same age. He can't talk about how I'm "so old" anymore. Nearly 3 months of no age teasing.

November 2011

I try to make sure there's a photo snapped of each of us every year on our actual birthday. The photo above is the quick picture I took this evening. I wish it could've been in beautiful lighting with a nice background in clothing other than office attire . . . instead, we are in our night time routine in our very messy living room.

But that's our life now. Busy parents of (almost) 2 kids. Jobs. Responsibilities. Calendars always running in our heads.

November 2011

34. Still gorgeous. Still generous. Still a wonderful husband and friend. He just has a few more labels added over the past few years. Namely, Dad.

Let's keep it real, though.

This is the t-shirt from Rich's friend J-dogg. Happy birthday, douche bag.

November 2011

The Ones Who Love You the Most

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