Friday, October 14, 2011

Santa Barbara: day 1

We made it ... after a slow start this morning and Charlie throwing up all over his carseat before we hit the freeway.

It's been nearly a year since our last road trip. It felt good to get out of town.

blue skies over Calabasas

road trip, baby!

our sicko is zonked

Well, Rich was tired of me taking photos by the time we passed Calabasas.

my driver doesn't like his pic taken

We pulled onto Cabrillo Street & the familiar sight of tall skinny palm trees greeted us.

Awww yeah! Santa Barbara we are here!

We spent some time on Stearns Wharf and visited the aquatic center. Charlie didn't want to do the touch tank but he had fun looking through the glass at starfish and sand sharks.

Took a dip in the hotel pool, a short nap and out for Mexican food at Los Agaves.

We drove out to Arroyo Beach for the sunset. Charlie snoozed in his carseat while we snapped some photos.

Arroyo Beach subset

We headed back toward the main drag and walked Charlie around the harbor.


Finally, snuggled into the hotel room, iPad all fired up.

hotel evening

Oh. And during our adventures today, Rich's sis gave birth to her second child. Welcome William Michael Heeres. Born at 5:13 pm CST today. Baby and Mama are doing great.

William Michael Heeres

Time to hit the hay. Tomorrow is the zoo and one of those bicycles built for a whole family.

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