Thursday, October 13, 2011

bathroom makeover

As part of our "getting ready for baby girl" process, we decided to have some work done on our back bathroom. This is the bathroom that Rich and I use . . . it's across the hall from our bedroom (no master suite at the Phees, ladies & gents). It hasn't had any love since we moved in. It had an old light fixture, navajo white paint, and a too-short bathtub door instead of a proper shower door for a 6'4" man.

I wish I had before photos. I don't. Just picture a plain and dingy little bathroom with water leaking all over from the shower.

Here is our after -

New light fixture.
bathroom makeover_10102011 (5)

Gorgeous shower door. Tall with cool glass.
bathroom makeover_10102011 (4)

bathroom makeover_10102011 (3)

Some dark blueish greenish towels.
bathroom makeover_10102011

Artwork that is not "ducky" or "froggy" as in the front kids' bathroom.
bathroom makeover_10102011 (6)

And finally, a fan!
bathroom makeover_10102011 (1)

Stay tuned for photos of Charlie's room make-over. And I'll also show some "during of baby girl's nursery.

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