Sunday, September 11, 2011

a tale of thunderstorms & crock pots

Early yesterday morning, thunder clapped so loud that the walls shook. And Charlie looked as though the world was ending.

Rich and I reminded ourselves that he hasn't really experienced thunder and lightning in his short 2 and half years. It's a rare event in Southern California. So Rich ran outside and invited Charlie out to get a closer look, to hear the hard rain on our patio covering, to touch one of the hail balls. But this is what happened in the door way.

  where'd that thunder come from?

Both Charlie and Cook were looking around for some sort of thundering, flashing monster. Eventually he moved past his fear and helped catch rain drops so he could water his little herb garden.

  playing in the rain_September_09102011_2011 (6)

 All of us stayed out back, in our pajamas, watching the rain fall harder than it has all year.

 playing in the rain_September_09102011_2011 (23)

playing in the rain_September_09102011_2011 (2)

There's something about a rainy day that kicks our butts into gear around here. Charlie took a bath, the laundry marathon started, and Rich decided it was a "pot roast in the crock pot" sort of day. Rich snipped some of the rosemary that's growing in Chazzy's herb garden, prepping it for the chuck roast we dug out of the bowels of our freezer.

 Saturday cooking with Pops_September_09102011_2011

He also invited Charlie to help him prep the meal. This was the first time we've really let Charlie sit on the counter and help with the cooking. So naturally, he put his serious face on.

 Saturday cooking with Pops_September_09102011_2011 (17)

Little man stirred ingredients and poured broth into the crock pot, all without a single spill.

 Saturday cooking with Pops_September_09102011_2011 (13)

Saturday cooking with Pops_September_09102011_2011 (35)

Eventually, I got the "Mama, stop with the camera" face.

 Saturday cooking with Pops_September_09102011_2011 (24)

So the camera retired to its usual spot on the kitchen bar and our lovely rainy day continued.

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