Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Salt to the Lake

I travel for work. It's not a big secret if you follow my Facebook or Instagram.

What's notable about my work travel is that I (a) visit some interesting cities (Sioux Falls, Wilmington) and (b) stay in nice hotels.

This is a second trip to Salt Lake City. I really like this town (which may surprise you). It's clean, the people are friendly and there is some swanky-ness going on.

Case in point: my hotel.

Damn, this place makes me feel cool as soon as I walk in. And the customer service is top notch.

The view is nice. Mountains, desert-type landscape mixed in with a very clean urbanscape.

And the funniest part of this trip so far (and usually a little exercise I go through whenever I plug in at the hotel): the wireless connection names.
wireless fun

Maybe when I'm feeling up to crawling through my own Flickr account, I'll put together an iPhone photo montage of my travels over the last year and a half.

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