Wednesday, August 3, 2011

reminding myself

"The work will wait while you show the child a rainbow, but the rainbow won't wait while you do the work."
"Patricia Clifford." Gledhill Enterprises, 2011.
Wed Aug 3 13:12:05 2011.

I don't do much "day job" work when I'm home. Fortunately, I'm able to disconnect from my day job when I get home. But I have trouble disconnecting from house work, wife work, friend work, daughter work, sister work, "I'm exhausted and need to take care of me" work when I'm with Charlie.

Father's Day 2011

I tend to prioritize something like finishing the dishes over sitting on the floor to play with his Buzz Lightyear.


Or getting dinner on the table instead of dancing around the living room to Foster the People.

chazzy and his booboo

I can be short with him when he's whiny and clearly needs me but I'm tired from a day's work or my pregnancy.

He is growing up in front of my eyes, or sometimes, behind my back as I tend to other things.

first day of preschool

I understand it's a balance. That my house can't fall apart and all of my other relationships suffer because I'm busy doing Play Doh.  And there are times when I do play, dance, listen and comfort. But lately, the balance has felt off. A little more to the "I need to get this stuff done" and less of the "Yes, show Mommy how you can jump off the couch like a superhero". And this imbalance probably has a lot to do with Charlie's behavior lately.

So I'm reminding myself. To let the pendulum swing the other way for a while. To let my other work wait while I help Charlie dump sand all over the back patio.

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Kim B. said...

I learned from you one of the best lessons of motherhood! It was just as you were returning to work after having Charlie. There is no balance! I think you said it funnier but I've stopped trying to find balance and just do what's best for Madison and me (and occasionally Rob too)!!