Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I don't wanna

There is so much going on with Charlie, both exciting and frustrating, that I want to get it all down. So I can look back and remember what my boy was going through at 2 years and (almost) 8 months old.

my future's so bright

Charlie's language and speaking skills have skyrocketed since we enrolled in him 2 day-a-week preschool this past March. He tells us very clearly what he wants, doesn't want and sometimes how he feels. Some common phrases from Chazzy are "I don't wanna", "I like-a the _______", "I go see Katie now".

He's just starting to grasp the concept of time. He will try to negotiate out of bedtime by saying "I go to bed tomorrow". And he'll tell us about something that happened earlier, like fishing on Papa Dickie's boat. (Something that happened a month ago.)

He navigates the steps and the furniture like an expert. He doesn't fall much anymore when he walks or runs. And he is paddling around that pool like a fish.

Still not completely potty trained. We took the pressure off ourselves and Charlie . . . letting nature take its course. And it has. For the last few days, he has told us that he has to go on the potty, and does. No wet pull-ups. All of this without M&Ms or stickers or crying and begging from me.

There is a side of Charlie, though, that is defiant and sometimes a little aggressive. He is trying to push boundaries and when he gets really frustrated (which lately is easily), he throws his toys or occasionally swats at us. It's been a challenge for Rich and I. To keep our cool, to step back and approach each of these situations as teaching situations. We're not always succeeding at this but damn, we're trying.

I really think it's his way of letting us know that the landscape has changed. He needs more (and different) structure, less sugar in his diet, more sleep at night. So we're working on it.

In the mean time, we have more "I'm so glad we're parents" moments than the "I will pay you to handle this one" moments. Those good moments are full of smiles like this.

Charlie, July 24. Up to no good.

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Aunt Becky said...

Charlie isn't the only one who has grown and learned these 2 1/2 years. Love you all!