Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Life has been busy. Work, weddings for friends, Charlie not feeling well, me not feeling well, house stuff. You know, life. But here are a few pics and blurbs to hold you over.

The best sound on earth (turn your volume way up):

or view the video here

My shirtless, filthy dirty little boy (who still kind of smells after a long bath with every scented thing I can find):
  baby, it's hot outside

 85 degree weather and us, with colds: It's really, really hot here. Ironically, Chazzy and I both have colds.

Yesterday, Charlie "got sick" (I'll spare you the details) at school 3 times, one more time in Katie's car on the way there. 

It's so hot outside that we're hanging out inside with the frigid AC. Charlie's activity of choice (it's tied closely with his love of the iPad): My boy woke up this morning with the urge to paint.

Took photos at a friend's wedding in Catalina: Poppe Wedding_082011_0474 edit

 I'm sure as the nesting activities pick up around here, there will be more photos and blogging. And, my camera comes back from Samy's tomorrow all clean & fresh. Hopefully my photo mojo will return.

The Phees

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