Friday, July 15, 2011

where I'm from

I am from a small(ish) town on Lake Michigan, left side of the Mitten; from conservative Midwestern values.

I am from a large but modest house, so spotless you could eat off the floors, with beautiful wallpaper, holiday decorations and coffee brewing in the evening.

I am from Cunningham and O’brien, white collar and blue collar. Teledyne typists, brick layers, Bavarian pig farmers.

I am from Dick and Linda – resilient and practical, patient and supportive, always there.

I'm from Muskegon, Irish and Scottish and some other unknowns, from unseasoned food and never any onions.

I am from Maple trees, Weeping Willows and pine.

I am from a world whose climate my son always believes to be snow, from a wooded flat land along a pristine lakeshore.

I am from you’ll ruin your eyes if you sit so close to the TV and you’ll drive me insane if you keep opening & closing that door.

From summer cottages, deer shining, sneaking Schnapps and boys into the tent.

I am pot roast on Sundays, Faygo Red Pop at the lake, Little Debbie snacks in every lunch.

I am not raised with a God but with a moral compass of wrong and right. With friends bathed in The Holy Spirit and others running from it hard and fast.

I am from detailed photo albums stored in a hall closet, framed pictures of beautiful milestones on the wall. From a mostly happy childhood documented in photos, baby books, videos. Told in stories, carried through siblings, remembered in laughter.

* I saw this format here first, then directed here for instructions. Try it out, it's an interesting writing and recollection exercise.

where I am from
where I am from

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Anonymous said...

yet again you leave me in tears, s' you!

smell (aka, slime)