Saturday, July 16, 2011

powder, pickles and a BBQ

We are in "that" phase with Charlie. He's 2 years, 7 months old and acts like a maniac most of the time.

We have to chase him from the tub to his room, trying to get him dressed.

bath time_July weekend_07142011_2011 (16)

bath time_July weekend_07142011_2011 (17)

Today, after nap time, Rich walked in to something that looked like the cocaine scene from Scarface. Baby powder EVERYWHERE. At first, Rich didn't see Charlie. Then, from around the corner, came Casper the ghost proudly declaring "I powder!" as he's coughing from all that he inhaled.

powder_July weekend_07162011_2011 (7)

powder_July weekend_07162011_2011

powder_July weekend_07162011_2011 (2)

During that pre-powder nap, Rich made his annual batch of pickles. This required a special trip to the farmers' market this a.m.

pickles_July weekend_07162011_2011

pickles_July weekend_07162011_2011 (20)

pickles_July weekend_07162011_2011 (2)

And I benefited from that farmers' market trip. Fresh berries.

berries_July weekend_07162011_2011 (4)

After a BBQ & dip in the pool with our friends, the Morads, we cleaned up, took showers, and retired to the patio to enjoy those fresh berries on some sorbet.

sorbet_July weekend_07162011_2011

sorbet_July weekend_07162011_2011 (10)

A typical summer weekend for us.

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