Friday, July 22, 2011

Gamma and Papa Tractor

This post is a looooong time coming. Better late than never.

While Rich and I were in Hawaii last month, Rich's folks took care of Charlie.

Such a spoiled little boy by his "Gamma" and "Papa" (the one with the tractor). Their babysitting visit included a trip to the Long Beach Aquarium, Downtown Disney, the Rainforest Cafe, bowls of ice cream shared with Papa, and lots of helping work on Daddy's truck.

On an extra thoughtful note, I had let Tom (Papa) know that the little plastic stool we had for Charlie to reach the sink wasn't working out. Not quite tall enough. So in Tom's suitcase were all the pieces of a beautiful, handmade wooden foot stool for Chazzy. Complete with his name.

foot stool from Papa Tractor

Thank you, Tom & Elaine, for all of your help and for taking such great care of Charlie!

Rich and Marci

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