Wednesday, June 1, 2011

visit with friends

Last week my friend Lynnie and her daughter Ella came to visit. It's been years since she has been here and this vacation had been long in the works.

Her daughter, Ella, is 6 years old. That is the very age Lynn and I were when we met on an October afternoon, the day I moved into the house on Elsa Avenue. My Mom marched me down to her house and said "here's a little girl your age, go on and play". And so we did.

Lynn's Visit

Lynn is the kind of friend that no matter how long we've gone between visits, we pick right up where we left off.

Lynn's Visit

There was a lot of pool time.

Lynn's Visit

And Charlie was allowed special treats, like Gatorade and chocolate milk.

Lynn's Visit

We spent Thursday at Disneyland and stayed overnight at the Grand California hotel.


This is part of the Disneyland: the gift shops. Little hands digging through bins of toys, wandering around in awe of the large characters hanging from the ceiling.

Disney shop little fingers
Disney shop

We ended up with one of those little Toy Story aliens. For $7. For a junky little plastic toy. I just can't go to this place without blowing through Charlie's college fund.

All in all, a fast but great trip. Looking forward to the next one, Lynnie!

the kids

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