Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's been a hectic spring for us.

Both our jobs have been busy. I've been traveling like a mad woman. Haven't been feeling 100%.

Charlie has been very active, a little needier than usual.

We have a little vacation coming up in a few weeks that we're looking forward to. But here are some photos from our life, lately.

The sunset bouncing off the wires. And some birds chilling out.

life lately, May 2011

life lately, May 2011

Cook, relaxing on the back patio.

life lately, May 2011

Rich and Charlie, making dinner.

making dinner

Our front door window, shattered to a million pieces. Could've been Cook flinging herself onto the glass 6 days a week when the mail comes. Or some punk teenager who thought he could break into our house.

life lately, May 2011

life lately, May 2011

June will be equally as hectic but we're holding on tight for a relaxing July.

The Phees

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