Tuesday, June 28, 2011

it was bound to happen

My blog continues to gain readership. My site visits climb. I assumed that eventually, I would start getting mean or nasty comments.

It finally happened.

I published a post on the Belly blog about finding out the baby was a girl and some thoughts I had on my Mom. Click here to view the post.

The second half of my post was heartfelt and took me some time to write.

I went into review any unpublished comments today (I don't allow them to automatically publish) and some a-hole gave a comment about how lame my story was. And of course, this particular a-hole didn't publish his or her profile name . . . just listed as anonymous.

Not everyone is going to like my blog, that's fine. I'm just surprised that people take the time to leave comments like that, on a story about my Mom who has passed away.

Karma my friends. Karma.

this wasn't easy

I took some photos of my friend's twins on Sunday.

Man, it was tough. When one was happy, the other was mad.

I managed to snap these (Megan on the left, Colin on the right).

Shaw twins collage (black white)

But most of the time, there was this.

Shaw twins, mad (black white)

My friend has her hands full. They are beautiful, healthy babies. It's just that, well, umm, there are two of them. :)


I'll do a longer post later of our lazy Sunday afternoon in and around the pool.

But I must post this photo. I must.

Whenever I watch Rich and Charlie in the pool, I turn into this extra sappy ball of mush. Charlie trusts Rich so much. And after swimming and splashing, he likes to wrap himself around Rich's neck and just float.

I'm also reminded during these moments that our days as a threesome are dwindling. I'm trying to soak up as much Charlie-ness as I can before our world turns upside down (again) this winter. Sitting on the side of the pool, watching my boy swim and love on his Pops helps me get my fill.

Monday, June 27, 2011

freckled face kid

He is definitely my kid.

Sunday afternoon

Not only because he is very concerned about safety (he puts that bike helmet on without prompting - sometimes just to walk around), but because his freckles are starting to multiply. If you look carefully, you'll see more freckles on the bridge of his nose than in the 497 photos I took of him last week.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

my little sicko


Charlie is sick. Some sort of stomach bug. He and I are home today, in pjs, watching Toy Story, drinking 7-up.

Maybe lots of lounging on the couch with his Mama fussing over him every 5 minutes will help.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

puking rally

Tonight has been eventful. Last night we had a quiet evening of pizza and a Toy Story marathon. Not tonight.

It started with me not feeling well. Not shocking. This pregnancy is kicking my ass so to feel like I "almost have the flu" has been the norm.

So I laid down in bed, Rich graciously said "just relax, I'll take care of Chazzy."

A short while later, I hear murmurs in the hallway of "ooohhhh, you don't feel good, do you, Charlie?" The door opens and Rich says "Mommy, Charlie doesn't feel good either" as he's lifting him into the bed with me.

That's when all hell broke loose.

Charlie threw up. And I don't mean the toddler sort of hiccup-with-some-stomach-bile. I mean frat-boy-just-finished-his-first-beer-bong. And the beer bong won.

My hair, my shirt, both pillows and a 1/3 of our sheets were covered in some sort of sour concoction that I'm quite certain had to do with the ice cream & goldfish Charlie had for dinner.

Naturally, I make it as far as the shower and I have a similar response. But more of the sorority-girl-OMG-he-just-puked-on-me type of response.

So now, 8 pm on Wednesday night, Rich and I are washing sheets and clothes, opening every window of our 1100 square foot home to rid ourselves of the puke smell and giving Charlie flat 7-up.

You know what would be a great idea?! To have more kids.

the aftermath
the pile of laundry

the aftermath
the patient, watching Toy Story for the 372nd time

the aftermath
our sheetless, stinky bed

Monday, June 20, 2011


My friend Katie took these photos of the kidlets yesterday. Not only does she take great photos, she also takes great care of my little boy.


She takes him to school, for ice cream, to the park, to the store. She feeds him dinner and bathes him when I have to work late or don't feel well. She buys him little gifts when she gets things for her girls.

He loves "his Katie", and so do we.

I love his friendship with Gigi. It is sweet and will hopefully be a lifelong friendship. Like the one I made with my neighbor almost 30 years ago.

girly girlness

Rich and I received more confirmation (95%) yesterday that, yes, we are having a girl.

Read all about it here:

Father's Day 2011

Yesterday was Rich's 3rd Father's Day.

Father's Day 2011

He really seems to be an old pro at this fatherhood thing.

Father's Day 2011

He is patient, affectionate, and interested in Charlie's life and well-being.

Father's Day 2011

I couldn't be luckier, truly.

Father's Day 2011

But this was the first Father's Day that he received a home-made gift from Charlie. Katie took the kids out Sunday morning and they made these mugs for the Daddies -

Father's Day gift from Charlie

And Rich melted when he saw it. Of course, it was filled with steaming coffee this morning and used with pride.

Looking forward to all the Father's Days to come.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

ramen noodle salad for Pops

Rich requested that I make his Mom & sister's ramen noodle salad this Father's Day.

I wanted to blog it so I can share the goodness with all of you and so I can have it written down somewhere (because I call Robin every time I make it for directions).

All American BBQ at the Morads

2 packages broccoli slaw
2 packages chicken ramen noodle (uncooked, broken into small pieces)
3/4 cup canola oil
3/4 cup sugar
3 green onion, cut-up
5 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1 Tablespoon pepper
2 - 3 teaspoons salt
1/2 cup slivered almonds
1/3 cup peeled sunflower seeds


Combine oil, sugar, vinegar, ramen seasoning, pepper & salt into microwave safe bowl. Whisk. Microwave on high for 1.5 minutes. Whisk again after heating up.

In separate bowl, combine slaw, noodles & onion. Add warm liquid mixture to this bowl and mix together with hands. Add almonds and sunflower seeds last, mix with hands.

Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, maximum overnight.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

happenings + a crib escape

Really, this has been the busiest summer I can remember.

Rich and I spent last Saturday through Wednesday night on the island of Lanai in Hawaii. This is the trip I won at work & my company knows how to do it up right. Four Seasons, total relaxation.

Lanai collage

The island was very small & the resort beautiful. Rich and I did nothing except lay by the pool, take long naps, and go to the spa. Rich did escape Wednesday morning for some golf.

By Wednesday morning, I was ready to get home to my boy.

May-June Charlie_iPhone_060420112011

And he was ready to see us. Rich's folks, Tom & Elaine, stayed with Charlie while we laid on our butts in Hawaii. He was beyond spoiled. The Aquarium, chili cheese fritos, Rainforest Cafe, Build a Bear and lots of cuddling. He love his 'Gamma' & Papa.

But yesterday afternoon, it finally happened. Rich & his parents ran out to run some errands. Charlie & I took naps (or so I thought). I was laying in my bed, he in his crib. Suddenly, he was standing in front of my face, waving a book around, saying "Mama, read me, read me." I was so stunned as to how the hell he got from his crib to my bedside that I just stared at him with my mouth open. Finally he broke the staring contest with "I get out". No shit you got out.

Needless to say, we're going to get that "big boy bed" set up asap.

Just another thing to add to our very long list of tasks to finish between now and Monday morning. It's going to be another crazy week.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

from 3 to 4

This coming December, you will need to change your links for our blog from The3Phees.com to the The4Phees.com.

For more details, please watch this video.

Or view the video here.

The Phee Family

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's been a hectic spring for us.

Both our jobs have been busy. I've been traveling like a mad woman. Haven't been feeling 100%.

Charlie has been very active, a little needier than usual.

We have a little vacation coming up in a few weeks that we're looking forward to. But here are some photos from our life, lately.

The sunset bouncing off the wires. And some birds chilling out.

life lately, May 2011

life lately, May 2011

Cook, relaxing on the back patio.

life lately, May 2011

Rich and Charlie, making dinner.

making dinner

Our front door window, shattered to a million pieces. Could've been Cook flinging herself onto the glass 6 days a week when the mail comes. Or some punk teenager who thought he could break into our house.

life lately, May 2011

life lately, May 2011

June will be equally as hectic but we're holding on tight for a relaxing July.

The Phees

visit with friends

Last week my friend Lynnie and her daughter Ella came to visit. It's been years since she has been here and this vacation had been long in the works.

Her daughter, Ella, is 6 years old. That is the very age Lynn and I were when we met on an October afternoon, the day I moved into the house on Elsa Avenue. My Mom marched me down to her house and said "here's a little girl your age, go on and play". And so we did.

Lynn's Visit

Lynn is the kind of friend that no matter how long we've gone between visits, we pick right up where we left off.

Lynn's Visit

There was a lot of pool time.

Lynn's Visit

And Charlie was allowed special treats, like Gatorade and chocolate milk.

Lynn's Visit

We spent Thursday at Disneyland and stayed overnight at the Grand California hotel.


This is part of the Disneyland: the gift shops. Little hands digging through bins of toys, wandering around in awe of the large characters hanging from the ceiling.

Disney shop little fingers
Disney shop

We ended up with one of those little Toy Story aliens. For $7. For a junky little plastic toy. I just can't go to this place without blowing through Charlie's college fund.

All in all, a fast but great trip. Looking forward to the next one, Lynnie!

the kids