Monday, May 9, 2011

towing not available

Saturday morning in review:

8:45 am
I talked Rich into taking his 61 Chevy truck to pick something up at Ikea. He was nervous that it might not make it the 20 mile distance. But I was bullying him into it with the "What in the world do you have a truck for if we can't use it" crap.

9:15 am
Charlie strapped in his car seat, me squished in the middle and Rich gunning it down the 405 freeway. About 10 miles from our house, the temperate gauge jumped from a safe 160 degrees to 210. The truck started smelling like burning metal & there was a popping sound. Rich pulled over on the nearest exit and managed to get the truck into a parking lot before it really blew.

9:30 am
Assessment - a hose is blown, the engine too hot and green liquid spewing all over the parking lot. I call Hagerty Insurance towing line. The agent who assisted me was horrible, they ask for way too much information (especially when you're in distress) and gave what I thought was a long wait time (45 - 55 minutes).

10:00 am
The woman from Hagerty calls me back to tell me she has not yet "found a service provider to commit to towing us". Seriously???? It's not as if we're 50 miles into the desert. We are in Los Angeles County! She proceeds to let me know she doesn't know when she'll find someone. I have a meltdown and cancel the towing.

10:15 am
I call our other towing provider (can't mention the name). They are polite, speedy and assure me will have a tow in 30 minutes or less, maybe a few minutes more because we need a flatbed.

10:45 am
Status from towing provider B is that it will be another hour to hour/15 minutes for our tow truck. My second meltdown of the day and cancellation of the 2nd tow.

11:00 am
Rich has jerry-rigged the hose, strapped us back in the truck, said a prayer and hits the gas. We make it 3 miles down the road before we have to stop and refill with water (and repair the hose again).

11:45 am
After hitting every light on our way home and nervously watching the temperature gauge (and listening to Charlie ask 1,357 times "What happened?), we made it home.

12:00 pm
Rich was making calls to local shops to have the truck repaired. And I have apologized a million times for pushing him to take the truck. He was kind and gracious and didn't once say "I told you so". I guess that was part of my Mother's Day weekend.

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