Monday, April 4, 2011

weekend in review

This was one of the better weekends we've had in a while.

Friday afternoon was pool time at the Morads, a visit to the Easter bunny and dinner at Maggiano's.

pool time

I spent the weekend running errands in my little Prius that I'm renting (because my SUV is banged up again).

on our way to dinner with friends, Chazzy is tired

Saturday, after dropping Chazzy at the babysitter's (Shoe & Marge), Rich and I enjoyed a long dinner at Maestro's. We were all dressed up for a change. Well, this is as dressed up as we get.

almost 9 years
(Thanks, Katie, for taking the photos.)

Sunday was dinner at Garet & Yvette's followed by ice cream at a local joint. Yes, Charlie was wired for hours after. Which included him running around the house naked with a basket over his head.

sugar shock

And finally, the hibiscus are in bloom. Which is our final, tell tale sign of spring.

hello, spring

Happy Monday,

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