Friday, April 1, 2011

sunny side of the street

It's been a strange and hectic week.

The beginning of the week had rain. Cold weather, scarves. Uncertainty. Fear.

Mid-week felt like everything was falling apart at the seams. Lost things. Struggling to figure out what's most important. What do I do right now v. what do I do later?

But by Friday morning, peace had settled back in. The sun is high in the sky. We've hit our normal 75 degrees, shiny metallic days. Warm and breezy, "feet hanging out of the car passenger window" kind of day.


And the question of "what do I do right now?" just doesn't seem to matter so much. What seems to matter the most right now is "where are we meeting our friends?" and "what are we having for dinner?".

And you better believe we're hitting our pool this weekend. Happy weekend everyone.

Cheers to enjoying the moment.

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