Tuesday, April 5, 2011

pre to the school

Yes, he's only 2 years & 4 months old. Yes, we are sending him to preschool.

Note: Yes, I'm defensive about this. It's been a tough week or so for me in terms of unwanted opinions regarding parenting. So if you have opionions on when children should go to school, stay-at-home moms v. working moms, fertility treatments, only children v. multiple children, etc, please go torture someone else with your comments today. Thank you.

We've been pumping little man up about school for weeks. It started with new clothes.

new duds collage

This morning he was packed and ready to go, his favorite Yo Gabba backpack securely fastened.

first day of preschool_040411_0015

I had butterflies flitting around in my stomach all morning. Rich was a nervous nelly. But Charlie marched right down that sidewalk straight to the car. He kept saying "I go to Gigi's school."

first day of preschool

But when we got in the car, he went radio silent. I looked back at him and he was gazing out the window. I kept wondering what he was thinking about. What does a 2 year & 4 month old worry about? The same things I worry about? New places, new people, new schedule? New, new, new?

Once we arrived, he was contemplative, sort of slow with his movements. Taking it all in. But he did humor Katie for a photo.

first day of preschool

After taking Gigi's hand and allowing himself to be led through the door, we were in. The First Day of School. And this was how he looked for a solid 5 - 10 minutes (although it felt like an hour) -
first day of preschool

He just . . . stood there. He didn't cry. He didn't cling. He didn't panic or crumple. He did take his shirt off, ball it up and stuff it under his armpit. But he stood there. And it took every bit of willpower not to scoop him up and run out of there, promising him we'll never have to leave our house (or Meena's house) ever again. I swear, pinky swear, on my life never ever again.

But then the teacher announced breakfast. And he snapped out of it.

first day of preschool

Lord knows this boy can eat.

As long as all of Charlie's new and scary experiences have a breakfast bar, he'll be just fine.

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