Saturday, April 9, 2011

plans for the day

I love Saturdays. The work week behind us and still, a whole day of nothingness ahead of us.

It's mid day. Charlie is napping. Rich is riding. Me, I'm going to put together a photo book. And I'm not going to beat myself up that it's not as beautiful or perfect or chronological as others that I see out in the world. It just has to be ours. Ours to capture the years flying by in print.

I'm also going to make Robin's Godmother's homemade pasta sauce. "Aunt Caroline's sauce." This deliciousness simmers for 3 hours. OMG. Later, it will be slathered on turkey meatballs. Rich isn't happy about the turkey part but he'll get over it.

Caroline's sauce

I've also been admiring and sucking down the lemons Garet & Yvette gave us from the tree in their yard.

lemon love collage

I read somewhere that if you put lemon peels down the garbage disposal, you'll rid your sink of that nasty garbage disposal smell. So I've been doing that all week. Which led to a blockage in the kitchen plumbing, minor flooding, and Rich spending the eve of our anniversary doing repairs. Oops.

We lounged this morning, basking in our usual lazy weekend morning routine.

weekend mornings
weekend mornings
weekend mornings

Can I tell you how much I love chubby pajama legs? Especially when the pj pants don't match the Mickey pj shirt?

weekend mornings

And tonight, as the sun sets, Charlie is going to release these balloons with his pacifiers tied to the ends so the Paci Fairy can give his pacifiers to other children who need them. And then he'll find a special gift from the Paci Fairy in his room. (I bet they are temporary tattoos!) Yes, I've become desperate to rid him of this thing.

paci fairy

paci fairy

A rather uneventful Saturday, with the exception of the balloon release and feasting on turkey meatballs.

Enjoy your weekend, people. Monday will be here before you know it.

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