Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter morning

We learned that Charlie eats the chocolate peanut butter bunny from the feet up.

Easter Morning

We haven't figured out a way to tie chocolate bunnies to the resurrection of Christ yet. But give us some time.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

scenes from an Easter party

Yesterday was Charlie's Easter party at school.

And I was a Room Mom!

The day started like this, with some grumpy face.
Easter Party

When the Egg Hunt commenced, Charlie made a break for the slide because it was his, all his.
Easter Party

Spring flowers on the wall.
Easter Party

Bunny cakes.
Easter Party

And a real, live bunny.
Easter Party

Happy Easter, everyone.

Fish Friday Fight Night

Last night was our last "Fish Friday" because it was Good Friday.

As Rich was grilling some tilapia, Charlie disagreed with his method. He told Rich how he was doing it all wrong.

Or watch the video here.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Charlie sucked a bunch of this down yesterday through the pump (while I wasn't looking) and announced he "drank soda".

Yesterday was my first time calling Poison Control.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

playing favorites

I'm sorting through my photos from the last few months and came across some that I especially love.

Birds of a feather
morning gossip

Hand holding, C and M
a morning walk, holding hands

Spaghetti lunch
spaghetti lunch

Spring is here
April trees

Waiting for Pops
waiting for Daddy

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

aloha, again

One year ago I put up a post with the same topic: how damn lucky I have to work with the people I work with and for this company.

In one month, I will have been with the company 9 years. And all 9 have been fanstatic.

But tonight was just a little extra fantastic.

This is me, after a long night of dancing and celebrating my award.

Elite Winner

Once again, Rich and I will be spending some time in Hawaii with my fellow award recipients. I am lucky, life is good, love my job.

Signing off,
Marci Phee
Director, Affinity Partnerships
Experian Consumer Direct

Sunday, April 17, 2011

morning walk

Saturday morning was a bad morning for me. Mad at the world, in general, a rotten mood. So I decided to change the day.

Charlie and I went for an 8:30 am walk around the neighborhood. Which took over an hour. Because the point was not to go as fast as we could and get home. It was to enjoy the sunshine, say good morning to neighbors and to let Charlie explore. I forgot what it was like to do something without a deadline. Just for the sake of doing.

But Charlie remembered.

morning walk

Charlie broke in a new set of flip flops.

morning walk

He said “good morning” to everyone we passed. Including this man working on his yard.

morning walk

He trespassed on people’s property to pick their flowers. He pointed out everything that he had a word for: “dog”, “truck”, “Meena’s house”.

morning walk

We will do these more often, I promise.

morning walk_04162011_april 2011 (76)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I'm leaving late tonight for another business trip.

I'm leaving my sweet, sweet son with these two babysitters, Rich and his friend Greg.

God help us.

Today, they had a "read off" by the pool.

Check it out.

Or view the video here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have a spring cold. Or whatever the hell you want to call it.

It's torturous. I'm a big baby, I know, but this just knocked me off my feet today.

And Charlie is starting to come down with it. He napped so hard late in the day, woke up coughing, then went back to snoozing.

my sleeping, sickly little boy

Traverse City

Small world.

One of my favorite blogs, Design*Sponge, featured a city guide today for Traverse City, Michigan. I love me some Traverse City. I wish I would've gone there more when I lived in MI.

Check it out.


image via GoJumpInTheLake on Etsy

Sunday, April 10, 2011

first day of school

Self explanatory.

Or view the video here.

just waking up . . . and chatting away

When Charlie wakes up from his weekend nap, we wait for Rich to return from his motorcycle ride.

So Charlie tells me how he swears he heard a bike. And that it was Daddy's bike.

See for yourself.

Or view the video here.

nine years

Different families, different set of values. Two different careers, different interests and ways of communication. High school sweethearts with a long shared history carried over from a small town that can blur the here and now. The odds are stacked against us.

9 years

Dancing in the living room on a Friday night. Laughing so hard we can’t talk. Coming together during the hardest of times, during the biggest mistakes, during the space in between. A little boy who reflects our best and worst and reminds us that we each have a seat at the table. Not wanting to spend our days with anyone else but one another. This is a sealed deal.

9 years

Nine years of marriage and adventure. As Rich said earlier this week, here’s to 99 more.

nine years

Saturday, April 9, 2011

plans for the day

I love Saturdays. The work week behind us and still, a whole day of nothingness ahead of us.

It's mid day. Charlie is napping. Rich is riding. Me, I'm going to put together a photo book. And I'm not going to beat myself up that it's not as beautiful or perfect or chronological as others that I see out in the world. It just has to be ours. Ours to capture the years flying by in print.

I'm also going to make Robin's Godmother's homemade pasta sauce. "Aunt Caroline's sauce." This deliciousness simmers for 3 hours. OMG. Later, it will be slathered on turkey meatballs. Rich isn't happy about the turkey part but he'll get over it.

Caroline's sauce

I've also been admiring and sucking down the lemons Garet & Yvette gave us from the tree in their yard.

lemon love collage

I read somewhere that if you put lemon peels down the garbage disposal, you'll rid your sink of that nasty garbage disposal smell. So I've been doing that all week. Which led to a blockage in the kitchen plumbing, minor flooding, and Rich spending the eve of our anniversary doing repairs. Oops.

We lounged this morning, basking in our usual lazy weekend morning routine.

weekend mornings
weekend mornings
weekend mornings

Can I tell you how much I love chubby pajama legs? Especially when the pj pants don't match the Mickey pj shirt?

weekend mornings

And tonight, as the sun sets, Charlie is going to release these balloons with his pacifiers tied to the ends so the Paci Fairy can give his pacifiers to other children who need them. And then he'll find a special gift from the Paci Fairy in his room. (I bet they are temporary tattoos!) Yes, I've become desperate to rid him of this thing.

paci fairy

paci fairy

A rather uneventful Saturday, with the exception of the balloon release and feasting on turkey meatballs.

Enjoy your weekend, people. Monday will be here before you know it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

project 365 update

I've been diligent. Missed a day here and there but overall, a photo has been snapped every day. I'm surprised how many more are on my iPhone than my Mac Daddy camera but nevertheless . . .

Our life in photos. January 1, 2011 through April 6, 2011.

project 365 collage 1
project365 collage 2
project365 collage3
project365 collage 4
project365 collage 5

I must admit

I'm thrilled that Katie's second daughter, Presley (aka P-diddle), has red hair.

photo by Katie

Kindred spirits, that girl and me.


After days of shiny metallic sunshine, we're back to the weather doldrums.


dreary & distorted, through the front door window

Fortunately, it's a big mug of coffee + sweatpants + pound out a huge document (reminiscent of finals papers in college) kind of day.


Which means Cook is annoyed that I'm disrupting her 9 hours of straight napping.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

pre to the school

Yes, he's only 2 years & 4 months old. Yes, we are sending him to preschool.

Note: Yes, I'm defensive about this. It's been a tough week or so for me in terms of unwanted opinions regarding parenting. So if you have opionions on when children should go to school, stay-at-home moms v. working moms, fertility treatments, only children v. multiple children, etc, please go torture someone else with your comments today. Thank you.

We've been pumping little man up about school for weeks. It started with new clothes.

new duds collage

This morning he was packed and ready to go, his favorite Yo Gabba backpack securely fastened.

first day of preschool_040411_0015

I had butterflies flitting around in my stomach all morning. Rich was a nervous nelly. But Charlie marched right down that sidewalk straight to the car. He kept saying "I go to Gigi's school."

first day of preschool

But when we got in the car, he went radio silent. I looked back at him and he was gazing out the window. I kept wondering what he was thinking about. What does a 2 year & 4 month old worry about? The same things I worry about? New places, new people, new schedule? New, new, new?

Once we arrived, he was contemplative, sort of slow with his movements. Taking it all in. But he did humor Katie for a photo.

first day of preschool

After taking Gigi's hand and allowing himself to be led through the door, we were in. The First Day of School. And this was how he looked for a solid 5 - 10 minutes (although it felt like an hour) -
first day of preschool

He just . . . stood there. He didn't cry. He didn't cling. He didn't panic or crumple. He did take his shirt off, ball it up and stuff it under his armpit. But he stood there. And it took every bit of willpower not to scoop him up and run out of there, promising him we'll never have to leave our house (or Meena's house) ever again. I swear, pinky swear, on my life never ever again.

But then the teacher announced breakfast. And he snapped out of it.

first day of preschool

Lord knows this boy can eat.

As long as all of Charlie's new and scary experiences have a breakfast bar, he'll be just fine.

a preview . . .

A preview of a big milestone today.

photo by Katie

Hands clasped to a friend's tightly. Nervousness. Anticipation of all the newness behind the door.

And that was just Rich and me. I'll blog more later.

the folks

Monday, April 4, 2011

weekend in review

This was one of the better weekends we've had in a while.

Friday afternoon was pool time at the Morads, a visit to the Easter bunny and dinner at Maggiano's.

pool time

I spent the weekend running errands in my little Prius that I'm renting (because my SUV is banged up again).

on our way to dinner with friends, Chazzy is tired

Saturday, after dropping Chazzy at the babysitter's (Shoe & Marge), Rich and I enjoyed a long dinner at Maestro's. We were all dressed up for a change. Well, this is as dressed up as we get.

almost 9 years
(Thanks, Katie, for taking the photos.)

Sunday was dinner at Garet & Yvette's followed by ice cream at a local joint. Yes, Charlie was wired for hours after. Which included him running around the house naked with a basket over his head.

sugar shock

And finally, the hibiscus are in bloom. Which is our final, tell tale sign of spring.

hello, spring

Happy Monday,