Friday, March 18, 2011

spring in my step

Without a calendar, I know when spring is upon us in SoCal.

My neighbor's jasmine blooms and sends the most wonderful scent into our yard and through my windows.

72 | 365

It's the scent that reminds me the days are getting longer.

That the mornings will be warmer.

That the birds will start building nests in our patio covering.

It used to remind me that it was only 6 or so weeks until tax season was done and my Mom could finally come visit again. Usually, the jasmine would lose its bloom just before she arrived. And then my house would be filled with the scent of all her floral lotions.

Now, I make Chazzy come out back with me and sniff, sniff, sniff. I tell him this is the smell of spring. Of starting all over again.

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