Monday, March 14, 2011

Michigan / Phee

The other portion of our trip was spent with Rich's family, just across the lake from mine. There was a hair cut, some sledding and for Rich and his Dad, plenty of time at Hennessey's.

Tom & Elaine were kind enough to host a very large party at their house so all sides of our family could come visit, all at one time. And oh my God, they did. I have never seen so many little kids in one place, except for maybe at Chuck E. Cheese. Total chaos for a while there. All of the photos below are from that evening . . .

Robin, her husband Jay and Chazzy's cousin, Aidan.
Heeres Family, March 2011

The awesome cupcakes that Robin made.
cupcake, designed by Robin

The Bob & Tom show, with special guest star, J-Dogg.
the bob and tom show (+J-dogg)

Who's idea was it to let the little kids throw saw dust everywhere?

Aidan and Charlie. March 2011.

Robin + Aidan.
Robin & Aidan. March 2011.

The wine kept flowing.
too much wine

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