Monday, March 14, 2011

Michigan / Cunningham

Part of our quick jaunt to Michigan was spent visiting my side of the family. Chazzy and I soaked up as much time as we possibly could with cousin Kayle. Unfortunately, we didn't get as much time as we always want (of course) with the rest of the clan. Bry and Misty were kind enough to host us at their home, as usual, and Joe hosted dinner at his restaurant, as usual.

My family did tromp on over to the Phee house for a Cousin Summit (more on that in the next post) to have a big ol' gathering of anyone remotely related to Rich or me.

Most of these photos are from that gathering . . .

Great Phyllis (as well as Great Barb, not pictured) came out to visit.
Rich, Great Phyllis, me + Chazzy

Papa Dickie and us.
Papa Dickie, me + Chazzy

Unkie and Sarah scooped Charlie up.
Sarah, Chazzy & Unkie Steve

Chazzy and his second cousin, Ryleigh.
Chazzy & Ryleigh collage

Kayle and Charlie in their immense cuteness.
Cousin Summit (Kayle + Chazzy)

My other goofy brother, Bry.
My weird brother, Bry

When lounging around Bry and Misty's home ...

Kayle and I chillaxed.
Auntie and niece

Buck hid out in Misty's arms.
Buck, hiding in Misty's arms

Looking forward to a long, leisurely summer visit!

Love you all!

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