Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Random rundown of life lately . . .

Charlie is becoming more self sufficient. And verbal. Every day, he strings more words together and is "this close" to using full sentences more times than not.
self sufficient bath time

I'm still running. I can't believe it but I am. My role at work has changed a bit but for the better. It's all fun and exciting stuff.
Tuesday night. Self portrait.

In light of the new stuff at work (and less time out of state), my commute is all out of whack. Which means I get to see gorgeous sunsets from my car.

My brother, Bry, taught his daughter a phrase and I'm passing it on: a clean house is a happy house.
a happy house is a clean house

These little feet bring me joy every morning. And jab me in the rib cage.
little feet, in my bed

Charlie has graduated from Yo Gabba Gabba to Wallace and Gromit.
a little Wallace to brighten your day

Charlie and Rich think it's funny to stick Charlie's little plastic toys in my hair.
hair 'do

I'm so sick of stepping on these little plastic animals. On Sunday, I rounded up half of them and dropped them off at a shelter. The other half will probably go this weekend. Maybe, just maybe, this little fella will be spared.
little plastic animals will be the death of me

Charlie loves Rich's bike. L-O-V-E-S.

This pretty much sums up our weather this entire month.
March weather

On Saturday, while I was at the shred-a-thon, Rich and Chazzy headed to Griffith Park.
more swing

We're hoping to sneak out for a date night this weekend to celebrate our upcoming 9 year anniversary.

The Phees

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