Sunday, March 20, 2011


Shedding some light on our life as of late . . .

When I'm not on a plane, I'm soaking up my boys. Lounging around.


Taking in the longer days, enjoying walks around the neighborhood. The trees, the local plants.

L.A. spring


Enjoying our annual Lent tradition of Fish Fridays with Tom & Michelle.

77 | 365

(We made THE.BEST.FISH.TACOS. on Friday night. Hands down.)

Watching my little super star make basket, after basket, after basket. I think this is going to be his sport. Well, basketball and eating.

basketball diaries

Motorcycle rides. I am still not used to the shorty McShorty haircut.

bike rider

We solved the mystery of what was causing Rich and Charlie's unending sneezing.


Clearly, I have not been doing anything with my hair. And Rich was annoying Charlie & I during our blogging/iPad session.


And finally, we enjoyed the Moon Show last night.

perigee moon

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