Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Random rundown of life lately . . .

Charlie is becoming more self sufficient. And verbal. Every day, he strings more words together and is "this close" to using full sentences more times than not.
self sufficient bath time

I'm still running. I can't believe it but I am. My role at work has changed a bit but for the better. It's all fun and exciting stuff.
Tuesday night. Self portrait.

In light of the new stuff at work (and less time out of state), my commute is all out of whack. Which means I get to see gorgeous sunsets from my car.

My brother, Bry, taught his daughter a phrase and I'm passing it on: a clean house is a happy house.
a happy house is a clean house

These little feet bring me joy every morning. And jab me in the rib cage.
little feet, in my bed

Charlie has graduated from Yo Gabba Gabba to Wallace and Gromit.
a little Wallace to brighten your day

Charlie and Rich think it's funny to stick Charlie's little plastic toys in my hair.
hair 'do

I'm so sick of stepping on these little plastic animals. On Sunday, I rounded up half of them and dropped them off at a shelter. The other half will probably go this weekend. Maybe, just maybe, this little fella will be spared.
little plastic animals will be the death of me

Charlie loves Rich's bike. L-O-V-E-S.

This pretty much sums up our weather this entire month.
March weather

On Saturday, while I was at the shred-a-thon, Rich and Chazzy headed to Griffith Park.
more swing

We're hoping to sneak out for a date night this weekend to celebrate our upcoming 9 year anniversary.

The Phees

and liberty for all

I taught Rich how to use Photoshop tonight.

Big mistake.

Statue of Chazzy

is it just me?

Or does my friend Jeff totally rip off my kid's sense of style?

side by side

I'm just sayin'.

"just a boy in a Chevy truck"

Guess the song.

Anyway, on Sunday, Rich took Charlie for a cruise in his '61 Chevy.

truck ride with Daddy

Charlie was so, so serious. The way he climbed into the truck, put his hand on the ledge of the window, sat so still while the engine roared.

truck ride with Daddy

But he did crack a smile just before they took off. Probably because he knew Rich was going to squeal the tires and make a ruckus all the way through the neighborhood.

Friday, March 25, 2011

taza de leche

Friday morning after more work travel.

Walked Chazzy to the babysitter's house. He invited me in for a cup of milk. I accepted.

84 | 365

Went for a run. Still feels funny to write that. I feel much for comfortable writing "sat on couch and ate doughnut". But really, I ran.

Working now. Engrossed in all sorts of new opportunities and excitement that is job-related. I'm a lucky gal. Well, a lucky gal with sore shins and some jet lag.

Signing off,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

just a spoonful of sugar

Nike was right. Just do it.

I finally got off my ass last night and ran. I was terrified that I would be unable to run after all these years of doing absolutely nothing resembling activity. (And no, typing on a computer does not equate to activity.) I was truly envisioning a Biggest Loser scenario. One where I would run 100 yards, stop and vomit. And have to be taken away on a stretcher.

But that didn't happen. I made it a mile. It wasn't a pretty sight. Something between an akward skip and a lunge. But it qualified as running.

I'm also on day 13 of giving up sugar for Lent.

I did cheat one morning. The morning of the tsunami warning. I couldn't take it. I added a scoop of sugar to my coffee. I sinned. Add it to my huge file of sins. If this is the sin that breaks the camel's back, I'm in serious trouble.

I'm trying to eat less, move more. Because it hit me on my 34th birthday that my life could either be 1/3 over or 1/2 over. I'd prefer it be 1/3 over. And I'd like to really take care of myself for a change.

Maybe I'll surprise everyone. Most of all, maybe I'll surprise myself.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday night blues

This week, I'm going to have more of this
another airport

and less of this.

But it's ok. When I get back, I'm done with travel for 3 weeks!

And I am a good 2 hours past my bed time. I need to hit the hay. Night y'all.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Shedding some light on our life as of late . . .

When I'm not on a plane, I'm soaking up my boys. Lounging around.


Taking in the longer days, enjoying walks around the neighborhood. The trees, the local plants.

L.A. spring


Enjoying our annual Lent tradition of Fish Fridays with Tom & Michelle.

77 | 365

(We made THE.BEST.FISH.TACOS. on Friday night. Hands down.)

Watching my little super star make basket, after basket, after basket. I think this is going to be his sport. Well, basketball and eating.

basketball diaries

Motorcycle rides. I am still not used to the shorty McShorty haircut.

bike rider

We solved the mystery of what was causing Rich and Charlie's unending sneezing.


Clearly, I have not been doing anything with my hair. And Rich was annoying Charlie & I during our blogging/iPad session.


And finally, we enjoyed the Moon Show last night.

perigee moon



Took this photo yesterday.

This photo reminds me that my baby is now my kid.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

our Saturday morning


There was a sweet boy at the park feeding the birds.

Our sweet boy destroyed his morning.
chasing birds

Last night, I asked Rich what "letting go" meant to him. He said it meant letting Charlie do things on his own. And that it was hard.

Then this happened on the play set.

letting go
letting go

Charlie likes to swing. Twice. Then he gets sick.
swing a ding

I'm the same way. I prefer to hang out on the tree. And cuddle.
you and me, sittin' in a tree

All in all, a nice Saturday morning. We followed the park with breakfast at Hof's Hut. Then a nap.


Friday, March 18, 2011

project 365

I've been trying to keep up with my committment to take (and post to Flickr) 1 photo per day this entire year. Check out how far I've come. I'm missing about 25 days mid February to March. Not because I didn't take the photos, but because I haven't properly labeled and added them to the group yet.

But regardless, I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far. And it's a peak into my life.

spring in my step

Without a calendar, I know when spring is upon us in SoCal.

My neighbor's jasmine blooms and sends the most wonderful scent into our yard and through my windows.

72 | 365

It's the scent that reminds me the days are getting longer.

That the mornings will be warmer.

That the birds will start building nests in our patio covering.

It used to remind me that it was only 6 or so weeks until tax season was done and my Mom could finally come visit again. Usually, the jasmine would lose its bloom just before she arrived. And then my house would be filled with the scent of all her floral lotions.

Now, I make Chazzy come out back with me and sniff, sniff, sniff. I tell him this is the smell of spring. Of starting all over again.

two little shamrocks

From time to time, I just have to post photos of my friend & neighbor's little girls, Gigi and Presley.

We shot these photos to celebrate St. Patty's day. The funny thing is, Katie and I were trying to explain the meaning of St. Patrick to GiGi and we didn't know a thing about it. Other than Ireland and green. So we had to look it up on Wiki.

But who cares. We ended up with a great shot (or 80).

the Morad girls
Presley looks a little disgruntled but this is the plight of a little sister.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Michigan / Phee

The other portion of our trip was spent with Rich's family, just across the lake from mine. There was a hair cut, some sledding and for Rich and his Dad, plenty of time at Hennessey's.

Tom & Elaine were kind enough to host a very large party at their house so all sides of our family could come visit, all at one time. And oh my God, they did. I have never seen so many little kids in one place, except for maybe at Chuck E. Cheese. Total chaos for a while there. All of the photos below are from that evening . . .

Robin, her husband Jay and Chazzy's cousin, Aidan.
Heeres Family, March 2011

The awesome cupcakes that Robin made.
cupcake, designed by Robin

The Bob & Tom show, with special guest star, J-Dogg.
the bob and tom show (+J-dogg)

Who's idea was it to let the little kids throw saw dust everywhere?

Aidan and Charlie. March 2011.

Robin + Aidan.
Robin & Aidan. March 2011.

The wine kept flowing.
too much wine

Michigan / Cunningham

Part of our quick jaunt to Michigan was spent visiting my side of the family. Chazzy and I soaked up as much time as we possibly could with cousin Kayle. Unfortunately, we didn't get as much time as we always want (of course) with the rest of the clan. Bry and Misty were kind enough to host us at their home, as usual, and Joe hosted dinner at his restaurant, as usual.

My family did tromp on over to the Phee house for a Cousin Summit (more on that in the next post) to have a big ol' gathering of anyone remotely related to Rich or me.

Most of these photos are from that gathering . . .

Great Phyllis (as well as Great Barb, not pictured) came out to visit.
Rich, Great Phyllis, me + Chazzy

Papa Dickie and us.
Papa Dickie, me + Chazzy

Unkie and Sarah scooped Charlie up.
Sarah, Chazzy & Unkie Steve

Chazzy and his second cousin, Ryleigh.
Chazzy & Ryleigh collage

Kayle and Charlie in their immense cuteness.
Cousin Summit (Kayle + Chazzy)

My other goofy brother, Bry.
My weird brother, Bry

When lounging around Bry and Misty's home ...

Kayle and I chillaxed.
Auntie and niece

Buck hid out in Misty's arms.
Buck, hiding in Misty's arms

Looking forward to a long, leisurely summer visit!

Love you all!