Saturday, February 5, 2011

two Shaws + two dogs + 2 babies-to-be

They must like even numbers.

This morning I was at a local park, taking photos of one of my favorite people (ever on Earth), her husband, their two dogs and her pregnant belly.

Ann and Bobby Shaw are THE nicest, most gracious and generous people you will ever meet. I've known Ann for 6+ years now. We're car pool buddies, colleagues, and luckily for me, friends.

Shaw_02042011_99 sunshine

Ann and Bobby are expecting twins in late May. I could not be more excited for my friend. The day she told me she was pregnant, I cried. And now, when I pick her up in the mornings, we chatter on & on about diapers, cribs, and polka dots.

Shaw_02042011_65 (1)_bwbeauty text

But this couple already has children. Kolby and TC.

Shaw_02042011_20_lomo light

TC came first, then Kolby. And Kolby definitely acts like the baby of the family.

Shaw_02042011_38 colby pale and white

But TC is the gentle giant.

Shaw_02042011_16_edit bw

Thank you, Ann & Bobby, for letting me snap some photos. xoxo

Shaw_02042011_45 (2)_lovely

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