Thursday, February 3, 2011

let it snow (more Muskegon, MI)

Last night I sent a request out on Facebook, asking for my friends' and family's snow photos.

And they delivered. I love this mini project!

My nearest & dearest friend, Lynnie, sent this. The view of her deck from her slider window.
Lynn Buikema's snow

A friend from high school, Katie, posted this + many others. It was hard to choose just one but I picked her backyard filled to the brim with snow.
Katie Dangel Fisher's snow

Suzette. An old friend of Rich's (Gabe) Mom. She posted this and I love, love, love the bokeh.
Suzette Heeres' snow

My Dad sent this piled up snow from his company's parking lot. It's piled high, y'all! (And most importantly, he learned how to use his cell phone camera.)
snow, Cunningham & Co

Another near & dear friend, Jen (Boelkins) Kitchka posted this on her Facebook. And I stole it. Love me some Daisy.
Jen Boelkins

My brother's girlfriend, Sarah Shaw, sent this to me last night. Her driveway is completely blocked in by the mountain of snow.
snow, Sarah Shaw

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