Wednesday, February 16, 2011

keep your distance

Viewer discretion advised: there are some gruesome photos down below. If you're squeamish, stop now.

On Friday, our friend Garet was in a motorcyle accident.

motorcycle injuries

He was on the freeway. The cars were coming to a stop. The woman behind him didn't stop. She hit the back of his bike and he went tumbling end over end.

motorcycle crash

Thank God he had a helmet on.

The woman wasn't texting or anything of the sort (that we know of).

motorcycle crash

She was just driving behind him (like you would behind a car) and didn't stop soon enough.

She was really upset. Especially because her husband had just purchased a motorcycle.

motorcycle crash

I'm posting this because my husband rides. And he rides as responsibly as he can.

I'm posting this to beg you to keep at least double the distance behind motorcycles than you would a car. It's a different experience to rear end a person on a bike v. a big metal car.

So next time you're on the road and a loud, big ol' bike is in front of you, keep your distance.

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Kim B. said...

My dad has always had a motorcycle and it scares me!! I know that he drives responsible but other drivers are so crazy!!!!! I hope your friend is OK, it looks like that road rash is going to hurt.