Wednesday, February 16, 2011

big. blue. ball.

singing in the rain

Lately, Charlie insists on bringing this big, blue ball home from "Meena's house" every night. Which means every morning, we have to schlep this ball back down to her house. And today, it was raining. My hands were full with the camera. And he was walking very slowly, bouncing the ball and enjoying the drizzle.

scenes from a rainy day

In the past few weeks, Charlie has grown so much. Not just physically, but emotionally and intellectually. He has started stringing words together. The other night, he told me "I like this towel." In reference to a new hooded towel I snagged for him. It made my night, I was screaming and clapping and crying over his ability to string those words together and to tell me that he liked something.

He tells me he is happy. Which is the best thing you can hear from your child.

He points things out, constantly. "Daddy, the blankie on the floor" or "Mommy, you hear that?"

He's into his books, arts and crafts, playing games. He has a favorite movie ("Cool Dog", it sucks but he loves it).

I'm in love. And so happy to be a mama.


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