Monday, January 24, 2011

swinging into a new phase

I'll recap our weekend in rewind, starting with today.

Today Rich starts a new job. New career move, really. Bittersweet for him to leave the old gig but looking forward to this (closer to home) fresh start.

Spent the weekend prepping for the first day of work. It's much like the first day of school. We had one of those weekends where we're working as a team, doing this and doing that. But managed to take some time to celebrate and relax.

I helped a friend (who is pregnant with twins) register for her baby goods at Babies R Us yesterday. Holy crap, twins are expensive. So. Much. Stuff. But she's over-the-moon happy and I couldn't be happier for her.

Charlie had gymnastics, per the usual. But this time, he behaved exceptionally well. And swinging like the little rock star gymnast that he is.
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Happy Monday, everyone. I know we're having one.


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