Monday, January 3, 2011

favorite Phee photo of 2010

Say that 5 times fast, will ya?

I've decided that I'm going to choose ONE, just one single solitary photo at the end of each year as my favorite Phee photo.

This means it had to be taken by a Phee (Rich, Marci or Charlie). It doesn't have to be of a Phee. And it can be with any camera.

For 2010, I chose (drumroll please .....................)

she's embarrassed

Rich took this photo with our Canon 7D in July. Cook just returned home from the groomers. The composition, the color, the lighting, the expression on Cook's face. I can't stand it. Hands down, my favorite.

Go ahead, judge me. Think what you want of me for choosing a photo of my dog over my kid. I don't care. It's that good of a photo.

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