Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 in review

We’ve eased into the New Year here at the Phee household. (Hence the 3 day late New Year’s post.)

2010 was a much needed year of ‘nothingness’, peace and quiet for us. After the tumultuous 2009 we experienced, we craved a year of staying around the house, cooking, keeping short to-do lists and keeping the ambitions at bay. A year to reflect, to mourn, to enjoy each other’s every breath.

And that we did.

This past year, the Phees have:
• Gone on our first date night
• Enjoyed a visit from MaryAnn and Jen
• Turned 33 (Rich & Marci both)
• Finally said yes to glasses
• Experienced an Easter earthquake
• Won a hard-earned award at work
• Spent 2 weeks in Michigan
• Enjoyed that Hawaii trip from aforementioned award from work
• Celebrated the 4th in Southern California instead of Michigan
• Watched in wonder as my Dad started his sobriety journey, July 30 2010
• Made homemade pickles
• Hung out with the Peters squared
• Visited with my little brother Steve and his g-friend Sarah
• Took a dragon trick or treating
• Spent time with Tom & Elaine in California
• Started gymnastics
• Took a trip to Big Sur
• Peed in the toilet (Charlie, not us)
• Went to Disneyland with my Dad
• Celebrated Charlie’s 2nd birthday
• Had a quiet Christmas

Below is our year in photos. Set to Eddie Vedder music, because nothing frames the year better than good ol’ Eddie.

2011 will be different. 2011 will be ambitious, energetic, busier but still trying to balance those quiet weekends of nothingness.

Happy New Year.

The Phees

Or view video here.

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