Sunday, December 19, 2010

senseless Sunday

By the time Sunday rolls around (and Charlie is finally taking his much needed nap), I find myself with so much that I want to blog. But I don't have a theme necessarily. So I'm going to start senseless Sundays - where I create a blog entry of whatever the hell I want, in whatever order I want.

Because it's my blog and I can.

My whole Christmas decorating theme this year was based on this one ornament that I spotted in a tube of other ornaments at Target.
O Christmas Tree

My Dad left less than a week ago. And I'm still thinking about him. I can't get over how inspired I am by him. Almost 5 months sober, his attitude toward this change in his life is amazing. The next time I start to self-talk myself out of something, convinced I can't do it, I'll just think of Dick Cunningham.

I'm so in love with Charlie's birthday shirt - which is a tradition I started on his first birthday. I want him to always have a special shirt that designates how old he is on his birthday.

This one is from KooKoo Kids on Etsy.
the little monster in his little monster shirt

Every day, Charlie asks to wear his "Gabba shoes" (birthday gift from the Morads). And every day I oblige.
O Christmas Tree

My friend, Katie, finally gave birth (hallelujah)! Little Presley shares a birthday with my sis Misty.

And I just think this is a badass photo.
O Christmas Tree

Happy Sunday. I'm off to wrap gifts, watch some TiVo'd trash TV, and enjoy being dry inside from all the rain going on outside.


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