Monday, December 27, 2010

rub a dub dub

Per the usual, Charlie has his holiday cold. He had one at Thanksgiving. And he has one now . . . he was MISERABLE over Christmas. I actually took him to urgent care yesterday and finally, (a Christmas miracle) they prescribed a Zpac and some helpful cough syrup. They also swabbed him for the flu and whooping cough - which I'll find out Wednesday. (Yes, I had him immunized for both, in case you were curious.)

So today I'm on snot patrol.

Because Charlie's better in the mornings than the afternoons, we started today with a loooong bath.

Rock on, Mama.
monday morning bath

Ok, a little privacy please.
monday morning bath

Scenes from a bath time.
rub a dub collage

Our bath goodies.
monday morning bath

I think I may use the Overtired & Cranky when Charlie takes his nap today. Because as the packaging reads, I'm a "sensitive adult".

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