Sunday, December 19, 2010

“It’s a beaut, Clark!”

2 weeks ago, we headed out on our Great American Christmas Tree hunt. Which, for us, means driving to Home Depot and arguing over the size of the tree we're going to strap to the top of my car.

It was raining and cold. Home Depot was packed. Rich and I finally settled on a 6 foot Noble Fir. Overpriced, of course. Charlie entertained himself by pulling of the ornaments off the sample tree and kicking them around like mini soccer balls.

O Christmas Tree - the hunt

After tying the needle spraying pine to the top of the car and getting it home, we managed to let it sit undecorated for 2 weeks.

Finally, this week, the tree is done. If this is what you'd consider done.

O Christmas Tree - the coming together

Merry Christmas!

The Phees

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