Thursday, December 30, 2010

Presley Ella

Katie asked me to run over & help take photos of her new daughter (her second), Presley Ella.

2 weeks old.

She didn't have to twist my arm.

But little P-diddle didn't like being put into a galvanized bucket. (I usually purpose this bucket for ice and beer. Not babies.)

Presley in a bucket

Monday, December 27, 2010

rub a dub dub

Per the usual, Charlie has his holiday cold. He had one at Thanksgiving. And he has one now . . . he was MISERABLE over Christmas. I actually took him to urgent care yesterday and finally, (a Christmas miracle) they prescribed a Zpac and some helpful cough syrup. They also swabbed him for the flu and whooping cough - which I'll find out Wednesday. (Yes, I had him immunized for both, in case you were curious.)

So today I'm on snot patrol.

Because Charlie's better in the mornings than the afternoons, we started today with a loooong bath.

Rock on, Mama.
monday morning bath

Ok, a little privacy please.
monday morning bath

Scenes from a bath time.
rub a dub collage

Our bath goodies.
monday morning bath

I think I may use the Overtired & Cranky when Charlie takes his nap today. Because as the packaging reads, I'm a "sensitive adult".

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

the rain seems to be on its way back

It's baaaaack

This was shot this afternoon.

Reminder, this morning we had blue skies and sunshine.


I wonder what Christmas Eve and Christmas morning are going to be like.

Oh well, the 3 of us are warm inside now. All the gifts are wrapped, the food is purchased, the tree is lit and the Grinch is playing on TV. We're all good.

magical holiday lights

This week's You Capture photo assignment was holiday magic (or lights). 2 birds with one stone this time.

Love the red ornament.
holiday magic

Love the bokeh.
holiday magic

Love the simply decorated tree. (Simple is the name of the game this holiday season.)
holiday magic


true Christmas spirit

There's a blogger I follow, Jenny from the Bloggess, who put a simple request on her blog this year to help others.

And man, did she ever.

Read below for the results of what happened, from one little blog. Or check it out here:

"Over 900 gift cards were sent out by 689 people who were so thrilled to help. 450 people who needed small Christmas miracles received donations for medicine, food, or presents under the tree for their children. No large corporations got involved. No one only offered to donate if they got something out of it themselves. With no sponsorships, no ulterior motives and with only a simple need to reach out and help a perfect stranger, 689 everyday, normal people (Jewish, Christians, Atheists, Muslims and more) sent out over $40,000 worth of donations to make sure Christmas came."

Talk about a helping hand. Merry Christmas everyone.

a helping hand

blue skies


A break from the endless downpour.

This morning greeted us with blue skies and some sunshine.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Robin

An entire post dedicated not to your ornament. Not to your cookie bars (although they deserve an entire blog). But an entire post dedicated to your thoughtfulness.

Today I received another package in the mail from you containing this adorable, awesome, personalized globe -

ornament from Robin

I don't know what I love more.

The little scarf on Charlie.

Charlie the Snowman & his little scarf

Or the painted Cook.

don't forget about Cook

Or maybe the big white bow.

a big white bow makes it all better

And then, at the bottom of the box were my most favorite cookie bars on Earth. The cookie bars that got me through my first Christmas without my Mom.

But really, this entire blog post is to say thank you for always sending the right thing, at the right time. And wrapping each thing up with such love and care.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 more days

Counting down until Christmas.

The UPS man keeps dropping boxes on my very wet porch.

The tree keeps dropping needles.

I'm preparing a strata for our breakfast on Christmas morning.

Charlie's Santa pj's are washed and ready to wear Friday night.

And the beef wellington is running through my mind (Tom & Michelle!).

Happy Holidays everyone.

Christmas gloom

Sunday, December 19, 2010

senseless Sunday

By the time Sunday rolls around (and Charlie is finally taking his much needed nap), I find myself with so much that I want to blog. But I don't have a theme necessarily. So I'm going to start senseless Sundays - where I create a blog entry of whatever the hell I want, in whatever order I want.

Because it's my blog and I can.

My whole Christmas decorating theme this year was based on this one ornament that I spotted in a tube of other ornaments at Target.
O Christmas Tree

My Dad left less than a week ago. And I'm still thinking about him. I can't get over how inspired I am by him. Almost 5 months sober, his attitude toward this change in his life is amazing. The next time I start to self-talk myself out of something, convinced I can't do it, I'll just think of Dick Cunningham.

I'm so in love with Charlie's birthday shirt - which is a tradition I started on his first birthday. I want him to always have a special shirt that designates how old he is on his birthday.

This one is from KooKoo Kids on Etsy.
the little monster in his little monster shirt

Every day, Charlie asks to wear his "Gabba shoes" (birthday gift from the Morads). And every day I oblige.
O Christmas Tree

My friend, Katie, finally gave birth (hallelujah)! Little Presley shares a birthday with my sis Misty.

And I just think this is a badass photo.
O Christmas Tree

Happy Sunday. I'm off to wrap gifts, watch some TiVo'd trash TV, and enjoy being dry inside from all the rain going on outside.


“It’s a beaut, Clark!”

2 weeks ago, we headed out on our Great American Christmas Tree hunt. Which, for us, means driving to Home Depot and arguing over the size of the tree we're going to strap to the top of my car.

It was raining and cold. Home Depot was packed. Rich and I finally settled on a 6 foot Noble Fir. Overpriced, of course. Charlie entertained himself by pulling of the ornaments off the sample tree and kicking them around like mini soccer balls.

O Christmas Tree - the hunt

After tying the needle spraying pine to the top of the car and getting it home, we managed to let it sit undecorated for 2 weeks.

Finally, this week, the tree is done. If this is what you'd consider done.

O Christmas Tree - the coming together

Merry Christmas!

The Phees

I don't know what these stockings ever did to him

Or view the clip here.

A few notes about this clip:

1. Charlie looks like he's wearing some goofy ice-fishing long underwear get-up. Or something like that. Those pajamas crack me up.

2. These stockings were handmade by Rich's Aunt Dea for us. Rich's was made when he was a little boy, mine after we married, and Charlie's just last year. They are gorgeous and very meaningful to us.

3. Some of what Charlie is saying is Spanish. I don't know what he's saying. The other part of it is jibberish. He's only 2. It's as good as it gets.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

a very Vang Christmas

Once again I was lucky enough to take photos of little Olivia.

olivia peek a boo

But this time, I managed to take a few snaps of the entire fam.



Thank you, Ngia, Tou and Olivia.

Happy Holidays.


no more hiding

"I don't care who you love. If you love this country enough to risk your life for it, you shouldn't have to hide who you are."

- Senator Ron Wyden

DADT was repealed in the senate today.

From this day forward, life makes just a smidgen more sense.

Proud to be an American.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Charlie's Year in Review

As this year almost closes out, I wanted to put together a calendar of Charlie's photos, month by month. This was to really show me how much he's grown in the past year . . . because I'm here with him every day, I don't notice it.

Until all of a sudden, it's December 2010, and my kid just dialed one of my clients on my cell phone. He's all grown up.

charlie 2 year collage months dec jan 2010

he didn't need an actual swing set at the park

the best kind of swing

Nope. Not when he had his Papa.

I can't look at these photos without crying.

That's enough for a Friday night.

Signing off,

Monday, December 13, 2010


Thank you, Dad, for a truly lovely visit.

Dad's California Visit

Thank you for introducing Charlie to chocolate milk and Lay's potato chips. I'll remind you the next time he throws a tantrum when he figures out his granola bars & water aren't quite as yummy.

Thank you for being you, 100%, all you.

I love you.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

official birthday photo

I just realized that I haven't posted Charlie's official "2 year old" birthday photo.

So here it is. My little man.

2 years old

when I travel

I usually receive photos sent to my phone that look like this:

more boys night (while Mama's away)

And boys' night gets even more wild:

Boys night (while Mama's away)

Then it just gets ugly.

and then it got ugly.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

on the road again

Planes, trains and automobiles. That's going to be my life again.
on the road again

I'm leaving again just as Charlie has a stomach bug. And a torn esophagus from coughing so much. Can you believe it? But the doc say he's otherwise a healthy, 32 pound 2 year old. I've made him chicken and dumplings 2 nights in a row now. Maybe he's milking this sickness for the dumplings?

But I miss him.

But work tomorrow, home tomorrow night, life goes on.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

dancy dancy for the birthday boy

Today Charlie is 2.

Today he woke up to a living room filled with these:

2nd birthday

Today he danced his little butt off to "We Speak No Americano" by Yolanda Be Cool which is his favorite song of the moment.

Perhaps I could've used a better lens for video. And perhaps I could've moved my dirty slippers out of the shot.

Or maybe none of that mattered because we're rockin' Charlie's 2nd birthday here in the Phee house.