Saturday, November 27, 2010

skipping rocks at Carmel Beach

That's how we spent Thanksgiving.

And driving the coast to Big Sur. And staying in a "quaint" motel (which means no TV, no phones (including AT&T cell service), no room service and sometimes, no heat). We star gazed late at night, wearing our coats and hats, watching our breath and listening to Charlie say "wow" every 5 seconds. We ate breakfast at Friar Tuck's in Carmel. Watched sea lions in Monterey. We jam packed our Thanksgiving weekend into a 3 days instead of 4 because my boys fell very ill Friday night. Begging for mercy (and Sudafed), we packed up at the crack of down this morning and hit the road.

Now for the photos . . .

Our scenic drive was chocked full of views like this.
the view from LA to Big Sur

We stopped in San Simeon, near Hearst Castle, for a picnic by the sea. Charlie chased birds.
bird chasing in San Simeon

And then strolled on the pier.
enjoying the view at San Simeon pier

We lounged around the Big Sur River Inn, teaching Charlie to skip rocks in the river.
Rich relaxed in the chair.
Chillin' at the Big Sur River inn

And then he snapped 50 photos of me, with my hat like this. And didn't say a word to me about my hat looking like this.
Seriously, he couldn't tell me my hat looked like this?

After a turkey dinner at the Country Inn restaurant associated with our little inn, we slept hard and woke up very early. And Charlie was very loud which prompted us to drive to Carmel early to spare the neighbors.

Hence the Carmel Beach rock skipping experience.
Skipping Rocks at Carmel Beach

And saw a surfing bull dog.
the surfing bulldog, Carmel Beach

We stopped for a small lunch on our way back from Monterey at the gorgeous (thank you, Charlie Lee) Rocky Point restaurant. This was our view as Rich ate chowder, I enjoyed a glass of wine and Charlie snoozed in his stroller.
the view from Rocky Point, Carmel

On the way back to the motel, we stopped so Charlie could say hi to the cows he had been waving and screaming at through the car.

(Now I know why they say "Happy cows come from California". Look how these heifers live, oceanside!)
Happy Cows Come from California

But Charlie wasn't as enchanted with the cows up close.
Charlie's a bit scared of cows

This morning's drive home was, in typical Phee fashion, full of adventure. Charlie was sick (as in puking-in-my-car-that-I-spent-Wednesday-evening-cleaning) which meant we had to pull over on Coast Highway, along a cliff, and wash vomit off him with bottled water and wipes.
my sick little traveler

So now we're home. This was our first family trip, just the 3 Phees. It was successful. We really unplugged from the world and did something new. Spent some time somewhere beautiful. And there are plenty more photos at:

The Phees

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