Monday, October 18, 2010

what's going on

Some updates on the Phee family as of late –

Rich & I had a date Sunday. Katie & Ryan so graciously babysat Chazzy so we could meet up with some biker friends and hang out. (We were supposed to ride the bike but the weather had other ideas.) It was so strange to be out & about but not digging through a bag for sippy cups and crackers every few minutes. (Thank you Katie & Ryan!)

Charlie started gymnastics on Saturday morning. When I write “morning”, I mean 8:15 at the butt crack of dawn. But he enjoyed it. He didn’t exactly thrive during circle time but he can pull himself up on those bars like a powerhouse.

I took baby photos on Saturday morning. O.M.G. She’s so cute, Ngia (pronounced NEE-uh) looks fantastic, and I had a lot of fun taking the photos. See here.

Work is getting better, much better.

SoCal fall is officially here. Kind of grey and gloomy. Mid to high sixties. Time for hooded sweatshirts and Ugg boots.

Haven’t started on Charlie’s Halloween costume, haven’t done much home improvement, haven’t taken my busted car into the shop yet. Haven’t done a lot of things. But I did book my Marci and Michelle Weekend to Palm Springs for this coming Saturday. Spa, poolside, spa, spa, spa, people watching and did I mention Michelle? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Happy Monday, folks. See below for some shots of Charlie.


The Phee’s

This kid loves him some Yo Gabba Gabba. It’s not as if he’s fixated with TV, he’s not. *Just* Yo Gabba. And this is how focused he is when it’s on.

Couch Potato . . . Focused on Yo Gabba

And this is his giant foot. His giant foot that smells like the foot of an old man who wears steel-toed boots and works in a foundry. Amazing. (Greg – this one’s for you!)

Couch Potato . . . and his Giant Foot

This kid also loves him some yogurt with a pinch of vanilla almond granola. Who am I kidding? He’ll eat the yogurt plain and then snack on some dog food if I don’t watch him carefully.

This kid loves some yogurt
This kid loves some yogurt

With so many photos of him with a serious look on his face, I wanted to include a big, fat, mischievous, smile –

He does smile, I swear

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