Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Omma & Papa Vroom

I wanted this to be a lengthier post but it's going to be the Cliff Notes version instead.

THANK YOU Tom & Elaine for a wonderful visit last week and weekend!

The truck has seatbelts and a tailgate that is perfect to catch a rolling kid. (Seriously, Rich is so in love with all the bells and whistles, thank you.)

The wacky server at Preveza has probably decided to never have children.

I'm officially boycotting ToysRUs and their lack of stupid sand tables.

We are using the pool light nightly.

Charlie roams around the garage, looking under the truck, calling "Ommmmmma".

Yes, he has smacked his head again. It's a daily thing.

No, the roast was not dry. We loved it.

Thank you again!


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