Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life, lately

An update on why the blog has been quiet & why I've been terrible about keeping touch . . .

Last week I rear-ended someone in Rich's Lexus. Did $5k in damage to his car and have to rent a car for two weeks.

Work has been ROUGH. I'll leave it at that.

Charlie's behavior has been so out of control that we have decided never to eat at restaurant again with him and started a sticker chart for good behavior. It was either that or check Rich and I into a center for insane parents.

Last night, while sitting at a stoplight and thinking about how hectic things have been lately, I was rear-ended HARD by a hit & run a-hole in a big truck. In my less-than-one-year old SUV. Which will promptly go into the shop and we get to rent *another* car for a few weeks.

So enough of my whining. But I'll be busy for a few more weeks and quiet on the blog / phone / email front.

Your favorite crash test dummy

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