Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You Capture [Pink]

I'm participating in a project called "You Capture" from a fellow blogger's site: www.ishouldbefoldinglaundry.com. The gist of it is - she hands out a photography assignment, I take the photos, post here & link back to her site. Pretty cool and will force me to get out of my photo taking 'box', which is to take 3,000 photos of Charlie.

This week's assignment was my choice. I was free to pick any theme. So I chose "pink".

The reason I chose pink is because it's my friend Katie's favorite color. It's also the opposite of my favorite color(s) . . . which happen to be boring neutrals and the occasional lime green.

Below are my captures, from Katie's shower. Here you can see everyone else's captures: http://www.ishouldbefoldinglaundry.com/2010/09/you-capture-your-choice.html

The sherbet punch.  Old school flavor with a punch of pink:

Presley's Sprinkle

Tissue poms, one bright pink burst:
Presley's Sprinkle

Big sister, GiGi, wearing a sister necklace and a pink dress (per the usual):
Presley's Sprinkle

Pink animal print wrapping paper. Loves!
Presley's Sprinkle

Metallic foil cupcake cup, in hot pink (these were not easy to find):
Presley's Sprinkle

Banana pudding parfaits, drenched in pink:
Presley's Sprinkle

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Renegades said...

Love the pink cupcake wrappers and the banana dessert served in pink too.

Cool pink wrapping paper too.