Monday, September 27, 2010

an unplanned weekend

It was one of those weekends that started with “plans”. Plans to do things around or to the house. Plans to venture to the LA Fair. Plans to finish Chazzy’s blog book. Plans to cook healthy meals and exercise and usher in fall.

Our plans were blown out of the water. And it ended up being the kind of weekend we needed.

Friday night was warmed up enchiladas from the Ralph’s deli. And lots of playing with Charlie.

Enjoyed a sunset swim with the Morads. The kids tried out their new “Puddle Jumper” life vests. Awesome. They can float upright and kick and sort of swim without flipping around like an out of control bobber.

puddle jumpers

Saturday morning brought an unbearable heat wave. Rigo came to clean so Chazzy and Diego rode their boards around out front. He hasn’t figured out how to ride the scooter properly. Instead we push him on it as though it’s a Segway.

Radio Flyer scooter

Radio Flyer scooter

Tom & Michelle came over for chili & cornbread Saturday evening. Because it’s supposed to be fall. It wasn’t supposed to be 104 degrees. But we made do. And lounged.

Tom Mish

Sunday morning I woke up at 6 am to start my chocolate chip sweet rolls. Because I’m insane.
chocolate chip sweet rolls

Headed out for Ryan’s birthday breakfast. But Charlie tried to talk us into letting him take his motorcycle.

random weekend

We ended up letting Rich drive us in the SUV.

random weekend

random weekend

We listened to relaxing music . . .

random weekend

And Chazzy zoned out. (He looks so OLD in this photo!)

random weekend

Enjoyed breakfast at Ruby’s in Seal. Wished Ryan happy 27 years. (Now I feel old.)

Ryan's birthday breakfast

Charlie slept the whole way home.

random weekend

We ended the day with piles of laundry, grilled burgers with homemade pickles, sitting at the kitchen table until every song has played through the John Mayer playlist. Put Charlie down for the night, enjoyed a glass of wine on the (freshly washed) patio and smiled about everything we didn’t get done. But happy about the way it all worked out.

Now the Phee adventures begin. Tom and Elaine are enjoying breakfast with Rich and Chazzarino at Schooner or Later as I type. Bastards.

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