Saturday, September 4, 2010

a Saturday in the life . . .

Fridays in the office always consist of "what are your plans for the weekend". Unless I have some sort of "leave the house" event, my answer is "nothing, just the way I like it".

And for the 3 Phees (+ 1 hairy dog), this is a normal Saturday of nothing:

7 am. Step over/ignore the mess in the living room and bee-line it to the coffee maker.

random saturday collage 1

Hang out on the couch, enjoying aforementioned coffee (+ sippy cup) and music videos. As soon as Mr. I Love Mornings turns into Mr. Whiny, I start breakfast.

It's usually pancakes or eggs. Today it was pancakes, multigrain with nothing fun in the them because we were in a hurry to leave for the Farmer's Market.

random Saturday

random Saturday

Off to the Farmer's Market, back home, Chazzy's ready for his late morning nap. I snooze with him, all tucked into our bed, whispering "hussssshhhhhhh" to each other while Rich runs out to a local burger joint for a greasy burger & a beer. Sometimes he takes his old truck, sometimes he doesn't. Depends on how much he wants to chat with the old guys at the joint.

Rich home, Charlie up, diapers changed, mess cleaned up, lunch fed, dishes loaded/unloaded for the 2nd time already.

Today was a special Saturday. It was PICKLE Saturday, y'all!

pickle mania

Finish pickles, clean more. Head out shopping with Katie. Decide instead of 1 store, it'll be our original store + Starbucks + Staples + the nice Target that's farther from our houses.

Scurry home, make a new recipe that I found in one of my old lady magazines (no, I won't say which one it was). Prosciutto, feta & asparagus wrapped in chicken breast. *Almost* burned it because I'm not too proficient with the broiler.

random Saturday

But Charlie loved it.

random Saturday

random Saturday

After dinner family walk, Charlie decides he wants to wear his shades. And yes, these are his real sunglasses. They're totally and utterly Charlie.

random Saturday

Family walk, Charlie gets mad because we won't let him run through the neighbor's sprinklers, Cookie nearly brawls with another dog. Turn around, come home.

Bath for Charlie, laundry and more kitchen clean-up. By 9, Charlie is tucked into his crib and we are barely able to stay awake watching MasterChef on our TiVo. And feeling really embarrassed that I can't handle the broiler.

Decide that we're having Chop Suey for dinner tomorrow night, Rich drags himself to bed and I promise to finish 2 blog entries before I hit the hay.

Just another day in paradise.

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