Saturday, September 4, 2010


Where do I begin with this one?

My Uncle Dave makes pickles. From scratch. And puts them in a great big bucket and all of "the guys" stick their arms in the buckets and eat the pickles straight up. These are Rich's memories from his adolescence.

15 years later, last Friday night, Rich announced he wanted to make pickles. And so the journey began.

After driving around to 6 different stores last weekend to find Mrs. Wages pickle mix, Rich decided to order it online - and pay $20 to have it rushed to our home. Because after 15 years of mulling it over, damnit, we're going to make pickles NOW.

pickle mania

Besides the Mrs. Wages pickle mix, we also had special pickling cucumbers from the Farmer's Market, jalapenos, big ol' buckets and a giant jug of vinegar.

pickle collage 1

While Rich made the concoction that ensured my house will smell like dill from now until Christmas . . .

pickle mania

Charlie entertained himself in the living room.

pickle mania

pickle mania

Finally, the Mrs. Wages and vinegar came to a slow boil. We dumped it over the pickles, and sealed up the big ol' bucket.

pickle mania


pickle mania

In case you're interested, here are the pickle instructions in summary:

Bring distilled white vinegar to a boil and Mrs. Wages pickle mix into pot.

While that's boiling, cut the ends off the pickling cucumbers (you can't use regular cucumbers) and place the whole jalapenos into the large bucket. You can add other spices if you want.

After the boiling pot is all mixed together (vinegar + pickle mix), pour over the cucumbers etc. in the plastic bucket. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 weeks. The longer the better.

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