Monday, September 6, 2010

21 months

Dearest Charlie,

On Saturday, you hit 21 months. In this past month, you've morphed from baby to "almost a little kid". (Other than the fact that we are SO far away from potty training it's not even funny.) You have a full mouth of teeth, you can string a few words together to ask for things you want ("Up peeeez" or "juice peeeez" or "I walk").

21 months old

You're an independent kid. We've gone from pulling you in the wagon to you pushing your own wagon. You want to feed yourself without help from us and more and more, you just want to go it on your own.

Temper tantrums are a bit better because you seem to be communicating better. I can ask you not to put your grubby little hands on the flat screen, then ask you if you understand, and you say "yes". And then you touch the screen and run away squealing as if you just robbed a bank. But that's another blog post.

You're weary of green veggies, love meat and anything with cheese on it. And you suck down milk as if we're about to have a dairy ration.

You're still singing and dancing and laughing. And your mouth still goes a mile a minute. You still like to dunk your paci in our coffee in the morning and point out your belly button anytime you hear the word "belly".

But the newest milestone to accompany your 21st month: freckles! We weren't sure if you were destined to have them but as you can see, they're starting to emerge:


Happy (belated) birthday, Chazzy man.

Ma & Pa

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