Sunday, August 1, 2010

weekend warriors, part II

I've used this blog title before but I love it, so here I go again.

Another good weekend. Although, it shouldn't be. There's other noise in my life, but for some reason, Rich and Charlie are a kind of buoyancy in life's otherwise heavy waters.

weekend warrior

This weekend was a quiet Friday night in a freshly cleaned house (thank you, Rigo).

Cook is fresh and clean, too. She has a new groomer, who insisted on ribbons and bows. She's just not that kind of dog.

ribbons and bows

Pizza ordered in after Chazzy went down just a smidge early. Half-way through a documentary about homeless children in Orange County and we turned off the TV and headed in for an early bedtime ourselves.

Saturday, 7 am, dragging junk out of our garage to sell at the Morad yard sale. We netted 8 bucks - AFTER spending $15 on McDonald's breakfast. I've never seen Charlie eat so much in one sitting. An entire sausage McMuffin. Which strangely gave him hiccups for the rest of the day.

yard sale

yard sale

yard sale

Taco Surf with friends Mike & Lauren. Good margaritas and conversation. But trying to get Charlie out the door is getting tougher and tougher.

A. he won't leave his hat on.

we love hats part II

B. he wants to keep playing with the wooden train set from Papa Dickie.

wooden toys

A later bedtime for Charlie after a sunset of playing in the backyard.

weekend warrior

Nice quiet dinner for us. Gratitude for living in SoCal. Wishing the best for the people in my life who are not having it as good as me.

Sunday rolls in. Baked french toast popped in the oven, prepped the night before. Yo Gabba Gabba starting at 6 am while the coffee brews. Rich sleeping in for a change.

Charlie's addiction

Grocery shopping with Katie. Taco salad dinner with Shoe. Charlie snuggling with Shoe after a rousing game of running around in the hose.

Shoe and Charlie, August 2010

Shoe and Charlie, August 2010

Bedtime. And another grinding week of work.

Oh I love our weekends.

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