Monday, August 23, 2010

little Leah

Charlie’s babysitter, Marina, has a beautiful daughter, Leah. Leah recently turned 7 and to celebrate, Marina threw her a Dalmation themed birthday party on Saturday.

Leah cake collage

We were fortunate enough to be invited to the soiree. There was a giant Jumpy House, bone-shaped cookies in dog dishes, delicious flautas and fun music for the kids. The guests were asked to dress in black & white . . . the entire affair was too cute.

Leah's 7th Birthday Party

The highlights for Charlie were the Jumpy House and piñata.

The Jumpy House had a steep ladder leading up to a tall slide. This monkey headed straight up that ladder and right down the slide. No fear. He squealed and repeated. I cringed and hovered.

jumpy leah collage

The piñata was a giant Dalmation filled with treats. The bigger kids took their turns bashing it in. Charlie squatted on the sidewalk, watching intently and applauding the big blows.

Leah pinata collage

When it was finally his turn, he beat the hell out of it with the bat.

Leah's 7th Birthday Party

The funniest part of the entire party was that Charlie was so confused that his home-away-from home was converted into this festive, spotted puppy party land. He kept running out back to play with “his” toys or hanging onto Marina’s legs.

marina chaz collage

We are eternally grateful for the love and support Marina brings to our family. Happy Birthday to her beautiful baby girl.

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