Wednesday, August 4, 2010

20 months down, 4 to go

Happy 20 month birthday, Charlie!

Let me begin with, yes, you still have that big dumb pacifier. Admittedly, we don't try that hard to keep it from you. Most of the day, you forget it exists. But when the witching hours of 6 pm - 8 pm hit, you want it. And you get it.

Since two Saturdays ago (and the muffins-that-taste-like-donuts), you've been talking like a mad man. My favorite is when we ask you something and you stall by saying "Ummmmmm".

You climb like a spider monkey. So the falling has increased. No trips to the ER, thankfully. You're on a great schedule at night, kid. Dinner (you'll eat anything), bath (you help put all the toys away), a little "gabba gabba" and straight to bed. But not before making fishy faces to give us night night smooches.

What in the world did we do before you? 21 months ago?

We love you, Charlie. Happy 20 month birthday.

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