Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I guess he's all done with dinner

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Another weekend blew by.

No specific plans other than dinner with the Shoemakers (that will be a separate post). But today brought the farmer's market + breakfast in Seal Beach. On the water.

view from brunch today

Charlie, unable to hold still at breakfast.

I love our Sundays.

family portrait

Saturday, August 28, 2010

friday skate

On Friday nights, the 'big boys' (age 6 - 9), ride their skateboards or razors outside our home. Charlie is fascinated . . . he wants so badly to be on one of those incredibly scary wheeled boards of disaster.

skate collage 1

skate collage 2

Friday Skate

friday skate

Monday, August 23, 2010

brusha brusha brusha

The best part about this video is the very bored dog in the background.

being ignored

new band

little Leah

Charlie’s babysitter, Marina, has a beautiful daughter, Leah. Leah recently turned 7 and to celebrate, Marina threw her a Dalmation themed birthday party on Saturday.

Leah cake collage

We were fortunate enough to be invited to the soiree. There was a giant Jumpy House, bone-shaped cookies in dog dishes, delicious flautas and fun music for the kids. The guests were asked to dress in black & white . . . the entire affair was too cute.

Leah's 7th Birthday Party

The highlights for Charlie were the Jumpy House and piñata.

The Jumpy House had a steep ladder leading up to a tall slide. This monkey headed straight up that ladder and right down the slide. No fear. He squealed and repeated. I cringed and hovered.

jumpy leah collage

The piñata was a giant Dalmation filled with treats. The bigger kids took their turns bashing it in. Charlie squatted on the sidewalk, watching intently and applauding the big blows.

Leah pinata collage

When it was finally his turn, he beat the hell out of it with the bat.

Leah's 7th Birthday Party

The funniest part of the entire party was that Charlie was so confused that his home-away-from home was converted into this festive, spotted puppy party land. He kept running out back to play with “his” toys or hanging onto Marina’s legs.

marina chaz collage

We are eternally grateful for the love and support Marina brings to our family. Happy Birthday to her beautiful baby girl.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Preparing for dinner with the Peters tonight.

23 days


favorite photo of dad

I'm proud of you.

I'm amazed that at 59 years old, you're willing to still take on personal growth. That's a lesson that is invaluable to us - your children - and your grandbabies.

I was looking through some photos from this past month and saw this one that Rich snapped -
blue eyes

My eyes are your eyes. Exactly. The same color blue. And a little bloodshot around the edges. ;)

And I'm proud that I have your eyes.

I hope I have the strength and wisdom behind them.

Thank you for this lesson. And thank you for making me proud.

I love you.

slacking on the posts

I haven’t been good about updating this blog – apologies to my family who enjoy reading it. Or to my brother Steve who said it’s his only 30 minutes a day of respite from his grueling boss (my Dad).

So here’s our August in review –

I’ve had zero travel for work (until this coming week). So we’ve played house. Dinner at home, weekends lounging around. But work has been a little more hectic for me than usual. Messing up my work / life balance. But that’s ok because there’s an ebb and flow to all of it, right? And once in a while, I like to get knee deep in the muddy details, just like the old days. And I have a new fantastic team member on board while my other fantastic team member is out having a baby any moment. So it’s all good stuff.

August collage

Rich has been working hard, too. Weekend website launches and bridge lines while trying to wrangle Charlie. But we’ve managed to enjoy ourselves with a night out on the town (Harry Connick Jr, the Hollywood Bowl, and dinner at Musso & Franks).

Our laundry is piled up, the house isn’t exactly what I’d call “in order” but Charlie is happy as a clam. We’re exhausted every night that we put him down but it’s because he’s a ball of energy.

Phee Life in August 2010

Charlie’s talking more and more. He figured out how to eat his yogurt with a spoon. Sadly, I think he’s turning into a 1 nap a day kid. I loved his 10 am naps. Right now, I’m trying to get him to nap and he’s in there chanting “Mooooommm, Mooooommmm”. Sometimes it startles me when he chants or yells “Mom” and I look around for my Mom. Then it occurs to me, “No, I AM the Mom”. Tough realization.

He’s *this close* to being able to ride his bad-ass trike from Papa Dickie. His feet almost reach the pedals. For now, he just climbs all over it and pushes it around.

Phee Life in August 2010

Charlie thinks he wants to skateboard because Neighbor Noah does it. I think it scares the hell out of me so for now, I’m discouraging it.

Phee Life in August 2010

This past Saturday was his Mama Bear Marina’s daughter’s 7th birthday party. Leah wanted a Dalmatian theme so all the guests were asked to dress in black and white. Easy for Charlie – most his wardrobe is black, white and grey.

Leah's 7th Birthday Party
This mad man climbed up the ladder of the World’s Tallest Jumpy House and slid down the slide without an ounce of fear. I climbed in like the helicopter parent that I am and supervised. Elbowing other little kids out of the way.

Leah's 7th Birthday Party

Leah's 7th Birthday Party

Last night Cousin Melissa from Santa Barbara came down for dinner. Dinner that we cooked, which is scary because she’s a chef at the Four Seasons. We are people who buy pre-packaged kebobs from Ralph’s and throw them on the grill. But thankfully she put together our salad for us and it was oh-so-delicious. She and Charlie had a little dance party on the back patio, read some books and then it was time to say goodbye. And Melissa, when Rich says you’re his favorite, he means it. No bullshit.

Cousin Melissa


All in all, the weather’s weird, our schedules are off, we’re tired but Charlie is thriving, we are laughing and the world keeps on spinning.

Phee Life in August 2010

Charlie August collage

Here’s to a wonderful September!

The Phees

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wolfgang Puck?

As Rich was preparing this chicken salad wrap for Charlie, I asked "Oh, are you going to grill it or heat it up?"

His response: "No. Who the hell do you think I am? Wolfgang Puck?"

who's that cute little blonde girl in your photos?

I need to explain who the adorable little blonde girl is in many of the photos with Chazzy. Or the little girl often referenced as "G", "GiGi", or "G-money" in my entries.

Giulietta (pronounced JEW-LEE-ET-UH) is my friend & neighbor Katie's daughter. She's exactly 2 months older than Charlie and we spend boatloads of time with them, clearly.

I've had a few people think she was my daughter or just wonder who she was because she pops up in the blog. So now you know. She's the sweetest girl in the world. And has another sibling joining her in late December. So there will be even more little Morads in my photos soon.

4th of july 2010-07-04 044

Sunday, August 15, 2010

you know you've been married almost 9 years

When your husband points to his stomach and says:

"I feel soooo fat right now. But I also feel really comfortable with it."

I nearly fell off the couch laughing.

And for the record, Rich isn't fat. I think he's smokin' hawt. You know, for his age.

not fat

wonderful you, it had to be you

Last night, Rich and I went out on the town, old school.

Had dinner at Musso & Franks, the oldest restaurant in Hollywood. And I think the staff that works there is the original staff from the 20s.
A night on the town

Food was great, drinks were even better.
A night on the town

Enjoyed our first double date in almost 9 years with Shoe & Marge.
A night on the town

Attended the sold out Harry Connick, Jr. concert at the Hollywood Bowl. I've loved me some Harry Connick since way back in the "When Harry Met Sally" days. Rich hasn't really been a fan and agreed to go because (a) it was a night out and (b) he loves the Hollywood Bowl.
A night on the town

But damn! Harry can entertain. And 15 minutes into the show, Rich was converted into a fan and enjoying himself. We were packed in like sardines but it was truly a great show.
A night on the town

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Old school

In honor of the Harry Connick Jr. concert we're seeing tonight, Rich dressed Chaz in his old school bad-ass Keds.

poop Picasso

Don't be scared, I don't have photographic evidence.

I picked Charlie up from Marina's yesterday only to find out that after his nap, he peeled his poopy diaper off and spread it all over the pac-n-play, himself and anything nearby.

It's a milestone of sorts. So I decided to take a photo of him after he was all cleaned up. And smug.

Charlie, August 13 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

can you tell I finally received my 50mm lens?

And Charlie is my perfect subject/victim.

This photo cracks me up. He's deep in thought. I can't imagine what he's thinking about? Yo Gabba Gabba? Pooping? The reduction in juice and increase in water he's experienced lately in his sippies? I guess we'll never know.

deep thoughts


Remember slip-n-slides? How fun it was to get a running start and then shove your brother or sister down that shiny piece of wet plastic?

Charlie and Giulietta are now experiencing the same joy. As Katie and I watch from the sidelines. Charlie loves the water, every single drop of it. GiGi likes to play nice and sweet, not get too wet or dirty. Then she comes over to sit in her chair, by us ladies.

We have the most luxurious evenings.




Wednesday, August 4, 2010

20 months down, 4 to go

Happy 20 month birthday, Charlie!

Let me begin with, yes, you still have that big dumb pacifier. Admittedly, we don't try that hard to keep it from you. Most of the day, you forget it exists. But when the witching hours of 6 pm - 8 pm hit, you want it. And you get it.

Since two Saturdays ago (and the muffins-that-taste-like-donuts), you've been talking like a mad man. My favorite is when we ask you something and you stall by saying "Ummmmmm".

You climb like a spider monkey. So the falling has increased. No trips to the ER, thankfully. You're on a great schedule at night, kid. Dinner (you'll eat anything), bath (you help put all the toys away), a little "gabba gabba" and straight to bed. But not before making fishy faces to give us night night smooches.

What in the world did we do before you? 21 months ago?

We love you, Charlie. Happy 20 month birthday.

The Folks

new lense august 4 2010 - 07


I won't comment much on the topic because Rich will be annoyed that I'm spouting off on "sensitive political topics" on our blog.

But I can't help it and it'll be short.

Today's top Google trend today is California's overturning of Prop 8's ban on gay marriage in the state of California.

Congratulations equality. Fairness. Congratulations to our many LBGT friends who can enjoy (or suffer, depending on who you ask) this thing we call marriage.

I'm happy. And I'll leave it at that.

google trends for 8/4/10

Sunday, August 1, 2010

weekend warriors, part II

I've used this blog title before but I love it, so here I go again.

Another good weekend. Although, it shouldn't be. There's other noise in my life, but for some reason, Rich and Charlie are a kind of buoyancy in life's otherwise heavy waters.

weekend warrior

This weekend was a quiet Friday night in a freshly cleaned house (thank you, Rigo).

Cook is fresh and clean, too. She has a new groomer, who insisted on ribbons and bows. She's just not that kind of dog.

ribbons and bows

Pizza ordered in after Chazzy went down just a smidge early. Half-way through a documentary about homeless children in Orange County and we turned off the TV and headed in for an early bedtime ourselves.

Saturday, 7 am, dragging junk out of our garage to sell at the Morad yard sale. We netted 8 bucks - AFTER spending $15 on McDonald's breakfast. I've never seen Charlie eat so much in one sitting. An entire sausage McMuffin. Which strangely gave him hiccups for the rest of the day.

yard sale

yard sale

yard sale

Taco Surf with friends Mike & Lauren. Good margaritas and conversation. But trying to get Charlie out the door is getting tougher and tougher.

A. he won't leave his hat on.

we love hats part II

B. he wants to keep playing with the wooden train set from Papa Dickie.

wooden toys

A later bedtime for Charlie after a sunset of playing in the backyard.

weekend warrior

Nice quiet dinner for us. Gratitude for living in SoCal. Wishing the best for the people in my life who are not having it as good as me.

Sunday rolls in. Baked french toast popped in the oven, prepped the night before. Yo Gabba Gabba starting at 6 am while the coffee brews. Rich sleeping in for a change.

Charlie's addiction

Grocery shopping with Katie. Taco salad dinner with Shoe. Charlie snuggling with Shoe after a rousing game of running around in the hose.

Shoe and Charlie, August 2010

Shoe and Charlie, August 2010

Bedtime. And another grinding week of work.

Oh I love our weekends.